Utg accu-sync30mm imperative picatinny jewelry, matte black, high

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  • make certain this fits by means of getting into your version variety.
  • designed with sizable lightening cuts to vastly reduce weight with out compromising durability
  • radiuses edges and corners to prevent snagging, scratching, or tearing of other equipment and for handy access to scope wind age and elevation turrets
  • single mount utilizes locking torn screws and square-formed essential draw back stops for a comfortable zero preserve
  • precision cnc machined from plane grade aluminum with a matte black anodize, designed to suit on mil-std-1913 % tinny rail platform
  • 22mm saddle peak, 50mm offset distance, 112mm base duration, excessive profile suits 30mm tube optics with as much as a 73mm outer goal diameter

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utg accu-sync30mm critical picatinny jewelry

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  • utg accu-sync 30mm excessive profile 37mm offset scope rings, comes in a couple and designed for a unique match on mil-std-1913 picatinny rails
  • precision cnc machined from aircraft grade aluminum and completed in a matte black anodize
  • considerable lightening cuts to hugely reduce weight without compromising durability
  • radiused edges and corners to prevent snagging, scratching, or tearing of different tools and for convenient get entry to to scope windage and elevation turrets
  • utilizes locking torx screws and rectangular-shaped crucial flinch stops for a comfortable zero hold
  • 22mm saddle peak, 37mm offset distance, 33mm base duration, fits 30mm tube optics with as much as a 73mm outer objective diameter
  • includes a t20 torx wrench for simple and consumer friendly installation
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    product description

    utg ace-sync 30mm high profile 50mm offset p. C. Tinny scope ring mount, aircraft grade aluminum, precision cut internal ring, single mount makes use of locking torn screws and necessary percent tinny balk stops for a comfy zero keep, 100mm base, 22mm saddle peak, matte black anodize.

    5 reviews for Utg accu-sync30mm imperative picatinny jewelry, matte black, high

    1. Dogtired

      Love these! They are SOLID without being too clunky. They are NOT useful for ultralight builds (not super heavy but not ultralight), but I’m using them on a 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, and other, longer-barrel applications. I’m not looking for ultralight builds, but solid hunting rifles. Three screws on the rail might be overkill, and I DO wish they had a QD version, but I have no doubts about the quality or solidness of the mounts. If I had my druthers and unlimited funds, I’d probably go with Aero mounts (great mounts for a moderate price–same quality of mounts that cost 2-3x the price). But these cost 1/2 the price. I also appreciate that, unlike the other UTG mounts (which I also like–cost, QD, quality), they don’t come with rails on the top of the rings. Less tacticool, more practical. PLUS, these use less real estate, allowing for the placement of a Caldwell Brass Catcher rail mount (the kind that slides on and off a rail-mounted stem, not the velcro wrap-around types) . Nice matte finish–black matches anodized uppers, FDE matches FDE ceracoated uppers, and I assume the other colors match up fairly well too. The style looks good on the rifles too–again, not tacticool, but slightly sculpted to add a little flair and cut a little weight. Nice looking–they don’t detract from the rifle or try to steal the show while adding a little distinction to your build. Even though they are not ultralight, they ARE fairly light for their size, with cutouts that don’t compromise the structural integrity. Try these. They are worth the price of admission! Read more

    2. Gutter

      Update: So after purchasing a better wrench than the one provided I was able to free the bolt and replace it with the extra sent with the mount. Of note is that the new bolt is of the “old” coating I mention below and turns into the mount MUCH more freely than the others though it does standout as “different” in color but I dont care how it looks. I still wish they stuck with the older anodizing but crisis averted. Ive upped my rating to 4 stars. These really are great mounts that stand up to abuse unlike others in this price range. I have basically switched to this mount exclusively. I have switched all of my AR platform rifles to run this mount. Having used plenty of other higher end mounts, this one is a steal for the price. I am a huge fan of the UTG products, however, unfortunately, the most recent one is junk. I believe they may have changed the anodizing or coating they use on these. One of the three locking torx head bolts that holds the mount to the rail is completely stripped. This was on a rifle that had not even been fired yet. I was dry fitting the scope/mount to the rifle and when I went to take it off, the bolt was TIGHT in the mount. The provided wrench was used to gently tighten it in place, AND then the same wrench was used to try and remove it – so this isn’t a situation where it was over-torqued by any means. It’s almost as if the coating on the mount causes the bolts to “hang up” on the threads. I suspect that the threads on the mount or bolt were threaded poorly or the coating is causing the tightness. I am now left with an upper I cannot use because I cannot get the mount off. A gunsmith will be needed to cut the mount off. I intend to reach out to the company to see if they will do something to correct/rectify. My advice is to be sure to spray the mount down with some brake cleaner and use some anti-seize on the bolts that hold the mount to the top of the receiver. I’ve never had to do this previously, but this mount does seem to have a slightly rougher coating than the other mounts (which in theory are the exact same mount). It will probably cost me more to have a gunsmith remove the mount from the upper receiver than it would be to just buy a new upper receiver and swap all the parts out. So, a $50 fix for a $40 mount – which saddens me. Again, I really do love these mounts and I don’t think you can find a nicer mount for the price, just wish they had not changed the hardware/finish. Read more


      I have many UTG products now, and like them all. This one is no different. After seeing many Youtube & reading many Amazon reviews, I decided to try out this mount for a new Primary Arms, 30mm tube scope. 1st off… It fits like a glove! The base is light weight aluminum, very sturdy, and the extra height allows for easily adjusting the variable power ring. The mat black finish seems dull, but matches the finish on an AR15 upper. No sharp edges, double screws per side / per mounting post, and extra width between mounting points & cantilevers design – allow for a bit of freedom in the scopes position. All these points make this a great mount. The base uses Torx screws and has a square post, to lock securely into the pica-tinny rail. Plus it comes in a variety of colors and tube sizes. Amazon has the BEST PRICE, and for the money you can not beat it. I’ll but this mount again, maybe in RED? Read more

    4. slalom

      I love the sleek non-aggressive profile, but these 30 mm rings doesn’t perfectly fit my 30mm Sig Sauer SIERRA3BDX Riflescope. Ring tops have 1-2mm gaps on either side with 20-25 torque. My Burris 30mm mount has a perfect fit compared to this. I initially feared the rings may cause damage to my scope, but tried it again after getting support. Product support seems to be very accessible and it was not difficult getting hold of someone to talk to. I was assured that the gap is normal and expected for this product, depending on scope. I still would prefer a better fit, but carefully adjusting tension on either sides of the scope rings gives smaller and even gaps on both sides. For the price, I will defenitely recommend this product. Read more

    5. Typhoon Jenkins III

      Make sure and use Blue Lok Tight on the screws once you have it where you want it. If you don’t, the screws will back out faster than you can eat a plate of pancakes Read more

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