Utg excellent narrow picatinny rmr mount

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  • ensure this suits by entering your model wide variety.
  • precision cnc machined from 6061-t6 aircraft grade aluminum with weight decreasing lightening cuts, and finished in a matte black anodize
  • zero. 87″ peak mount positions rmr at the proper peak for an absolute co-witness in keeping with trendy height ar iron attractions
  • low profile zero. 40″ top mount positions rmr at a low sufficient top for most shotguns and rifles with traditional shares not in line with the bore
  • makes use of locking torx screws and rectangular-fashioned essential recoil stops for a relaxed 0 keep on any picatinny rail
  • includes rmr mounting screws and set up equipment for a easy and pleasant installation
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leapers began the utg pro line of made in usa products in 2009. Since then, we’ve grown from one carbine quad rail handguard to presenting a huge sort of items. Our manufacturing operation is equipped with dozens of cncs, along with a few robot-automated excessive quit machines usually used for making precision aerospace and medical device. We additionally acquired the maximum superior roboshot polymer injection machines to manufacture innovative high fine polymer merchandise. In answering marketplace needs, we dedicated part of our production area to enforce an in-house cerakote painting facility. The growing popularity and reputation of our utg seasoned products maintains to gas our commitment and endeavor to provide clients with u. S. A. Made products that can compete at every stage.

utg leapers mt-rmrkit inc first-rate slender picatinny rmr mount 2 in 1 mixture

•precision cnc machined from 6061-t6 aircraft grade aluminum and completed in a matte black anodize

• 0. 87″ saddle height mount positions rmr at the best height for an absolute co-witness consistent with fashionable top ar iron points of interest

• low profile 0. Forty” saddle top mount positions rmr at a low enough peak to obtain a relaxed cheek weld and accurate sight alignment on maximum shotguns and rifles with shares now not in keeping with the bore and prepared with a pinnacle picatinny rail, and is likewise appropriate for handguns ready with a pinnacle picatinny rail

• makes use of locking torx screws and square-shaped indispensable flinch stops for a at ease zero preserve

• tremendous lightening cuts reduce general weight and bulk


2 in 1 Combo

8 reviews for Utg excellent narrow picatinny rmr mount

  1. Brian Malek

    Compared to the Scalerworks RMR mount Scalerworks: $144 34.3g (1.21oz) turn screw detach UTG: $34 42.93g(1.514oz) There is a noticable difference in the finish however the sturdiness and overall build quality of the UTG mount seems great, and the price difference is substantial. Using provided screws with blue loktite and havent had any issues. Read more

  2. Dr.John

    The machining was good on these mounts. Turns out I needed to swap to the other mount and the star key broke *removing* their provided screw on the RMR. You can see an air pocket in the star key metal where it snapped off in the screw head, it was really surprising and it’s gonna be a real pain to get the broken off star key part out of the screw. Should not have happened on removal by hand. Boo. Suggest using better star key. Read more

  3. Jason Van Eaton

    Price was great compared to other manufacturers. I liked getting 2 products for the price of 1. I initially installed the optic on the lower mount, but it was too low, so I moved it over to the co-witness mount. I had my brand new, Real Avid Smart-Torq set to the recommended 12 in-lbs, and it clicked off correctly for the lower mount, but when I moved the optic to the co-witness mount, the mount stripped (the screws themselves were fine; they came out with stripped metal in the threads). Also, the screws provided with the mount have a much wider head than the screws provided with the optic. Unfortunately, none of the screws provided with the optic fit the mount’s thread pattern, so I used the mount screws, but they just covered the battery compartment! And I missed my return window by 2 days. Overall, a very disappointing experience! Read more

  4. KJH

    The included screws are TOO LONG. Ironic there is a label on the package that warning to only use the included screws! The screws are too long to use on the low mount at all. They bottom out before the screw is even close to flush. So HKR this package is worthless. On the tall mount (pictured) the screws go all the way through the mount and look ridiculous. Terrible QC. Read more

  5. The guy who bought this

    Used on rifle to mount Holosun 507. The 1/3 base made my front sight sit behind the top bar of the optic so it did not co-witness with irons. The full base was perfect. A better option than spending $150 for others. Read more

  6. Lockon 41

    It’s a good mount with extra locking lugs. Great for higher recoil platforms. My main gripe is that the bolts will have a tendency to lock up or seize when torqued down and then used. I recommend cleaning no or wiping down the bolts prior to use. I don’t know why they tend to seize but removing them after is a pain. I would recommend a higher quality qd mount if you intend to switch optics-but if not this one is build strong and sturdy-just clean the bolts Read more

  7. Juan

    I’m always skeptical of cheap off brands, but this is exactly what I wanted even though it wasn’t what I needed. I wanted something super low-profile to keep the overall height of my SBR down, but it’s so low that I can’t see the RMR’s red dot. I’ll have no choice but to get something higher. This would probably be perfect for a PS90 or something where the optics sit higher that your cheekweld. Read more

  8. phinnie

    I’ve always like UTG products for what they are, and we all know, they’re budget items. This fit well on my RMR and on top my S&W TRR8. Went through about 30 357 Mag rds and no issues so far. For what? 1/4 the price of the Trijicon? I call it good, lol. Read more

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