Utg remarkable slim flip-up the front sight , black

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  • make sure this fits by using coming into your model number.
  • utilizes popular a2 front sight submit
  • precision machined from matte black anodized plane aluminum
  • posi-lock retention layout prevents sight tower from collapsing while in use
  • designed to fit utg super narrow flip-up rear sight, mnt-955

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from the manufacturer

backup when you want it

the utg low profile turn-up sight coexists along the same plane as an extended gun’s number one optic. Despite the fact that more than able to appearing on its personal together with its matching low profile rear sight, many will equip the 2 just in the event their number one optic sees a failure. Take it as a shape of insurance and that it might be higher to have it and no longer want it, than want it and not have it. Preserve the 2 flipped down and stowed away under your primary optic. If murphy’s regulation finds its manner to you, take consolation knowing the two can be readied and trusted inside seconds

unobtrusively low profile and quick to install

equipping the points of interest actually calls for them to be driven upward via the hand. The posi-lock plunger will then prompt, locking the sight tower inside the upward position when deployed and stopping any unintentional folding of the points of interest even as in use. That is specially crucial whilst the use of the sights in tandem with other gear such as a sling or in atmosphere in which system can without difficulty be snagged on some thing. Way to their low profile form and minimized 3mm locking bolt mounting deck, while stowed away, the 2 sights take a seat extremely low and are unobtrusive to optics and or add-ons.

a couple to be had

possible count on the following whilst purchasing the front and rear as a couple. Mnt-955, the rear sight, is geared up with each a massive and small aiming aperture and is windage adjustable thru an smooth-to-use, device-unfastened, and tactile thumb wheel. Mnt-755, the front sight, is prepared with a trendy ar15 front sight post that may be adjusted through a four prong sight adjustment tool or the end of a cartridge and may effortlessly be switched out with one of the many aftermarket fashionable the front sight posts currently out inside the marketplace. Both mount securely to a mil-std-1913 picatinny rail. This makes them a wonderful preference now not only for msrs, but other systems which have a immediately sight line configuration and are geared up with a 12 o’clock picatinny rail.

product description

the utg notable narrow turn-up front sight readily makes use of a widespread a2 the front sight put up and is precision machined from matte black anodized aircraft aluminum. Its low profile mounting base securely attaches to any picatinny rail. Our posi-lock retention layout prevents the sight tower from collapsing whilst the sight is flipped up and in use; designed to healthy our superb slender turn-up rear sight, mnt-955.

5 reviews for Utg remarkable slim flip-up the front sight , black

  1. Joey Jerkov

    Fantastic. Bought this because I needed a low profile back up iron sight to provide a possible support by fire position safeguarding my chicken tendies. My last night op I busted my trijicon MRO, kac iron sights and peq 16 all at once when I had to request a call for fire on my toaster oven. (It wouldn’t cook my tendies right.) Anyway it turned out to be danger close and I lost alot of good optics that night and i didn’t have the money to pay up for something more expensive that the U.S. government would totally issue so I settled for this. Plus it has a cool plastic ball bearing. Read more

  2. Rednroll

    I initially made a mistake and installed this sight on my rail backwards. While doing so, using the included allen wrench I insured it was nice and snug on the rail, not overly tight but snug. I then realized my mistake and that’s where major grief began. I tried to loosen the mounting screw back up and it wouldn’t budge using the included wrench. I then reached for a screw driver allen wrench to give myself more leverage. What I noticed then is that this screw has much less bite on the wrench turning counter clockwise and my allen head would just slip causing damage to the screw. There was plenty of wrench bite going in the clockwise tightening direction. I couldn’t use a vise grip on the head since there’s no way to get a grip on the rounded head. I then turned to a titanium easy out set which wouldn’t even drill into the hardened steel of the screw. I ended up resorting to my angle grinder to cut into the screw head to make a slice in the head of the screw, similar to a regular screw driver head slot. I then used a hammer and chisel on one side of the slot to finally break the screw loose, so I could finally remove the sight. Now the screw is obviously fubar and I can no longer even mount the sight. As well as I scratched my AR-15s hand rail in the whole ordeal just trying to loosen the mounting screw. Maybe if there were some included instructions I wouldn’t have made my initial mounting mistake and I would have been pleased, but after this ordeal of just trying to loosen the mounting screw and haven purchased multiple UTG accessories I’m pretty upset due to a poorly designed screw which seems it was designed not to be loosened. 2 minutes to incorrectly install the sight but over an hour and damage to uninstall it. I can’t tell you if the sight is good or not since I never even got past the installation. Read more

  3. Kappa Kryptonite

    I love metal, they can’t break. Not saying that these are invincible however I’ve broken expensive Magpul, guess what they were plastic. I’ve never broken any of my UTG flip up sights. I’m a civilian and train by doing drills, cqb, target practice and hunting. So far these have been the best sights I’ve owned and at a great value. These are back up sights for a personal defense truck gun, on my .458 socom for bear hunting and I also have them on my fun gun, palmetto State armory AR47! They are easy to sight in. Comes with an Allen wrench and lay flat on the iron rails. I’ve done a few torture tests with my fun gun and they have held up very well to water, dirt and even cold weather. I would continue purchasing these and have a spare set for my next build. Read more

  4. Zach

    I recently purchased an Ar15 that didn’t come with any type of sights. So I purchased an EOTech 512 as my optic, and a Vortex VMX-3T magnifier. However I wanted a pair of backup iron sights, just in case. I purchased both the front and rear sight and was pleased as they lined up absolute cowhitness with my optics. Pros: Metal construction Locks in place Folds flat Lines up perfect Cons: Little flimsy Adjustment dials are loose Plastic ball bearing If you’re looking for a pair of BACKUP sights to go with a reliable optic, these are a great budget. If you’re looking for a primary pair of sights, these aren’t it. Read more

  5. Vincent DiBona

    Edit 2: It’s been a few months and I am impressed by the seeming durability and accuracy of these sights. At first I thought about replacing them (the rear too) with Magpul Mbus because so many go with and recommend the Magul, perhaps largely because of the name. But the UTG’s are METAL sights and sit very low and out of the way. I think they’re just as easy or easier to deploy than the Mbus. I got these sighted in and at 75′ without a bench rest shot some pretty respectable groups. See the photo above and you can see the group in the photo is as tight as the one with the red dot (which apparently needs re-zeroing). If you’re not going to play in the sandbox or on a regular duty where stuff gets abused why pay more, especially if red dot is your main thing? Edit: As a new rifle shooter I didn’t understand what “lower 3rd co-witnessing” was. I thought I needed sights that stood up more and also didn’t understand that I wasn’t holding the butt stock of my rifle high enough. And so I may repeat some of what I said initially, but have grown to have a greater respect for these sights. As I’ve lived with them for a few weeks I can say they are very easy to install, to use and sight in, providing you get a front sight adjustment tool. If anything fails it will be the ball bearing that allows the sights to flip up and hold position. While they do not have the push button flipper that Magpuls have, they can be deployed just as quickly. Unlike Magpuls you don’t have to wrestle them on and they secure easily and lay very flat. I have changed my rating to 5 stars. You can always spend twice the money or more for something more “battle tested”. But it seems rugged enough and I would think these are reliable enough as I think they are well engineered and manufactured to withstand a modest amount of use. This front sight installed in seconds in the forward-most position on my picatinny rail. It is simple to operate. Just flip it up and it locks in place. You push the release button and fold it back, all done with one hand. It’s not spring loaded like some, but IMO the spring loading is absolutely not needed and something else to break. A small plastic bearing clicks it in place and I’ve seen how it could be replaced by a steel bearing if needed. I found these sights to be great in the respect that I don’t have to dismount my red dot to use the iron sights. Even better, I was able to use the red dot to be able to get the sights aligned and basically sighted in. If this works for the initial adjustments it should save me some $$ not having to spend it on ammo to get it sigthed in. I’ll have to see how good this method works later in the week at the range. THE ONE THING that I wrestled with is the front sight adjustment without the tool. I used the red dot to dial in windage and elevation, but the front sight was tricky to do without the $10 front sight adjustment tool. You have to push down on the locking pin which is off to the side by the right wall, then attempt to turn the turret. With other sights you can do that with your thumb and a bullet, but the adjustment is too recessed in the housing. I ended up using a small allen key to push the release button and a bullet (sometimes a nail) to turn the turret. It wasn’t easy and took about 15 minutes to get the elevation where it coincided with the red dot. It would have taken 60 seconds with the proper tool. I didn’t mark the accuracy box, but I have no doubt that once I make any additional adjustments it should be fine. Hopefully it will (and I expect it to) hold zero well. I originally gave it overall 4 stars,because of the hassel of the elevation adjustment and perhaps only because it’s not a Magpul or Troy that have are industry standards. But if my red dot ever isn’t available I think this will work fine as a backup. As a follow up, I temporarily had a set of Magpul knockoffs for almost as much as the UTG sights (thinking they were genuine when I purchased them as they were advertised as such… and got my money back). While the genuine Magpuls would be better quality than what I received with the knockoffs I could see that the UTG sights are a great value. I hope to compare them to genuine Magpul sights,but I think I’m going to still like the UTG sights better. We’ll see. Stay tuned. Read more

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