Utg three-9×32 1″ bugbuster scope, ao, 36-shade mil-dot, jewelry , black

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  • constructed on real energy platform, absolutely sealed and nitrogen crammed, shockproof, fogproof and rainproof
  • 1 inch tube with emerald covered lens for crystal clean view with maximum light transmission
  • revolutionary ez-tap illumination enhancing (ie) device with purple/inexperienced in twin-colour mode and 36 colorations in multi-color mode
  • top class zero lockable and 0 resettable target turrets with constant and unique 1/four moa per click on adjustment
  • variety estimating mil-dot reticle for highest quality aiming and taking pictures performance

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utg three-9×32 1″ bugbuster scope, ao, 36-coloration mil-dot, earrings

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  • built on authentic power platform, completely sealed and nitrogen stuffed, shockproof, fogproof and rainproof
  • 1 inch tube with emerald covered lens for crystal clear view with maximum mild transmission
  • modern ez-faucet illumination improving (ie) device with pink/inexperienced twin-color mode and 36 coloration multi-colour mode to deal with all weather/light situations (u. S. Pat. 8,437,079; eu patent pending)
  • 1-click high-tech illumination memory function receives you right back to the colour/brightness setting last used
  • premium 0 lockable and zero resettable goal turrets with consistent and particular 1/four moa consistent with click adjustment
  • variety estimating mil-dot reticle for most advantageous aiming and shooting overall performance
  • adjustable goal from three yards to infinity to gain parallax-free view
  • huge discipline of view (extensive perspective) and most accommodating eye relief for optimum vital cqb assignment
  • complete with 2″ sunshade, high first-class turn-open lens caps and lever lock brief-removable earrings
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    product description

    utg new gen 3-9×32 ts platform compact cqb ie scope w/the front ao, zero lockable/resettable w/e, ez-tap illumination enhancing 36 shade mil-dot reticle, emerald coating, lengthy eye relief, complete w/rq2w1154 lever lock qd earrings, 2″ sunshade& turn-open covers.

    8 reviews for Utg three-9×32 1″ bugbuster scope, ao, 36-shade mil-dot, jewelry , black

    1. MSC

      So I just want to say I want to love the scope. And there’s a lot to love about it when it works. It comes with great QD rings. It’s pretty compact which allows for a low mounting height. Not too heavy and easy to maneuver. Decent reticle with illumination selections for every occasion. It is completely toolless, including turret adjustment and locking . The turrets are exposed with finger locking rings and a quick reset. The scope holds zero pretty well even though I take it off after every shooting session. The build quality looks awesome from the outside. The optics are pretty amazing considering the price. Not the best eyebox around but not terrible. The problem is that when the scope breaks, and it is AlWAYS going to break. It costs $20 and 6 weeks. It doesn’t break because you drop it, it doesn’t break because you abused it. It breaks because it’s attached to a gun that recoils. I have it on a 9 mm SBR And I can almost guarantee you, within about 50 rounds, when it’s going to fail. The magic number is 500 rounds out of a 9 mm short barrel rifle. And give or take a magazine or two, it’s going to conk out on you. Now it is a little interesting because there are more ways to fail then I would’ve imagined and I think I’ve got most of them by now. The first one was that the illumination went out so the electronics got damaged somehow. The second time the lenses went out of collimation and there was no way to get them back. It was shooting about 3 feet down into the right at 25 yards which is well out of its adjustment range. The last time it failed to turrets stopped working whatsoever. So no matter how I turned them in the crosshairs didn’t adjust at all. And one time the seals failed because moisture started to condensing inside the scope. The final time it failed something happened internally and I was no longer able to focus either the diopter or the objective. You could turn the mechanism but the lenses moved in such a way that focusing was impossible. So look at this as a scope that you lease rather than noon and it cost you $20 per 500 rounds to use. For the money I’ve spent I could’ve got a Vortex crossfire. So the old adage applies, buy cheap buy twice. Read more

    2. Amazonian Nony

      Couldn’t wait for the product to get here. Luckily it arrived super fast. packaging was legit. Came in a box with good protection. Upon pulling it out quickly realized it was exactly what I hoped for. Slapped it on my rifle, took 3 shots to sight it in. Nice locking turrets, clear amazing view even without the light up reticle, which also worked very well. Dimming features, bunch of cool colors. Also like that the quick releases have secondary screws for complete lock down. (Update) worked good for two weeks, then it started loosing zero. now I cant even find zero as it hits every which way. kinda disappointed, it was great at first. I haven’t even bumped it slightly, I just don’t think its all that shock proof. Read more

    3. Ben

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This thing blew me away. When spending under $100 on an optic that has all of the features that this one does, I don;t go into it thinking it is going to be anything over “Good” but this scope proved me wrong. Build quality feels SOLID, it comes with a sunshade, two lens covers, two batteries, your lever lock QD scope rings and everything needed to put it all together and get it sighted in. Sighting in the scope was so easy a child could have done it, and once I had it dialed in (which took about 15 rounds), I was shooting quarter sized groups at a simulated 600 yard target, with my .308 AR10. I have NO cons with this scope. If you are looking for an excellent scope that won’t break the bank (REALLY, $90 SHIPPED?!) BUY THIS. Read more

    4. Dave

      I had high hopes for this and was pleased with the compact design but not happy with the illumination quality. Most importantly, out of the box, the reticle light source flickered in multi-colour mode. I was disappointed in that feature anyway because you can’t set a colour to be a default. In other words, it resets every time you turn the light off. Changing the colour in the first place is very cumbersome as you have to use two fingers to activate it, then scroll through any number of the 36 shades to get the one you like. The reticle itself is pretty lacking also. Just your standard crosshair with vertical and horizontal dots. The lines were pretty thick too. No elevation marks. The best parts of this scope is it’s size and mechanical features. The included quick-detach mounts and dust caps seemed decent. Mounts very low so you can’t mount anything under the scope without a riser. I’d would say get the regular green/red version of this model if you decide to leap. It might be ok but I really wouldn’t recommend it to a friend. Read more

    5. John O’Mahony

      Perfect scope for my Marauder .25 air rifle. NOTE: I had to order tall mounts as this only come with low mounts. Medium may work but take measurements just in case. Read more

    6. Juan D.

      After 400 or so rounds the illuminated reticle failed. Ordering a replacement. The optics are actually really nice. Easy to dial in. For the price it’s a great value. Now if this replacement bites the dust then I’m dropping stars. Just to note. The optics are nice! Clear and crisp. Love the parallax adjustment also. Update: So far so good. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      I just mounted this scope on my Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 after receiving it yesterday, I love the design and how everything is “supposed” to work, the only issue is if I am using the illumination on the scope (no matter what color) after two or three shots it either changes color or more times than not just shuts itself off. I can see where this could be an issue with a larger caliber but a .22 should not create too much of a jolt for the battery/electronics to handle I wouldnt think? Read more

    8. Jerry K.

      Waiting to get this out on the range to sight it in, Update: Took the scope to the range mounted on my AR15, It sighted in very quickly and performed extremely well on the 25/50/100 yard ranges. Glass is very clear and the added ability to change colors on the reticle is awesome, I prefer the blue shade over the standard red/green choices. This scope performs as well as other scopes costing 2 or 3 times what this one does. I would purchase again for a future build. Read more

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