Utg three-9×32 1″ bugbuster scope, ao, rgb mil-dot, qd jewelry , black

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  • make sure this fits by using coming into your model number.
  • 1 inch tube with emerald coating for max mild transmission, top rate 0 lockable & resettable turrets with 1/four moa in step with click on adjustment
  • range estimating mil-dot reticle for best aiming and taking pictures performance, adjustable objective from 3 yards to infinity
  • red/green dual illumination for versatile programs, big area of view and maximum accommodating eye remedy for maximum vital cqb undertaking
  • complete with 2″ sunshade, high first-rate turn-open lens caps and brief-removable earrings
  • built on authentic energy platform, absolutely sealed and nitrogen crammed, shockproof, fog evidence and rainproof

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from the manufacturer

this lock system is manner higher than the opposite crimson dot. By way of locking your settings you can goal flawlessly at any time. Even in case you collapse the scope may be resistant and could not exchange your aim setting.

utg cqb trojan horse buster outside sunshade scope

here’s a utg pink dot, one of the most green utg’s merchandise. This red dot can transfer from red to inexperienced when the light comes on. It is able to be restore on a picatinny 21 mm rail. This scope is most customarily used for airsoft assault rifles.

  • rainproof
  • shockproof
  • 1/4 moa according to click adjustment
  • 2 lithium metallic batteries blanketed
  • product description

    3 reviews for Utg three-9×32 1″ bugbuster scope, ao, rgb mil-dot, qd jewelry , black

    1. California

      ****Update 07-28-2018*** Bad news folks! Read on if you’re interested. So I took this scope to the range and put it on a known accurate rifle. Ruger 1022 with tactical solutions barrel in a hogue over moulded stock. For some reason I wanted to investigate this little scope a bit more and here’s what I found out. Previously I mentioned I had to crank the windage almost all the way right and I wasn’t sure if it was the scope or the rail. It was the scope. It wasn’t terribly far off on windage when I transferred it to this rifle. I noticed a hell of a point of impact shift even at 25 yards when going from 3 up to 9x. It shifted my impact approximately 2″ up and left about 10:30 on the clock. At 25 yards that amount was inexcusable. Way beyond anything that a person should be expected to deal with irregardless of the price. Yes for those who ask was this shift repeatable? Yes it was. So until I decide to throw this scope in the garbage can or use it as a target I’m leaving it set on 5X and it’s holding zero well enough for it’s price point. I personally believe it’s a little loose inside as at 25 yards my rifle should be shooting one ragged little tiny hole even on a bad day and it’s about. 5-.75″ with minimags. Good enough for squirrels, rabbits, soda cans but in a known accurate rifle it’s just not good enough. I’m dropping two stars for these reasons. So my advice is pass on this optic, save up for another month or two if needed, and buy a better known quality scope. I really dislike leaving negative reviews and more so updates where my opinions continue to degrade but the truth is the truth and there it is. I hope this update helped someone out and as always I bought this scope for full asking price on Amazon and received no discounts, compensation, or sexual favors for my review. ***End of update**** I wrote what I felt was a very well thought out and honest review for this scope yesterday but after submitting apparently Gremlins ate my review so here it is in a nut shell…. This ended up longer than intended but hopefully it helps someone. Intended use was as a budget optic set up combined with a side mount base for Soviet designed carbines. If you’re interested you can find that in my reviews. I’ve used UTG optics a few times over the years so I’m more than passingly familiar with them. To be fair this is the first I’ve ever bought intentionally, the others came in deals or on other rifles. UTG optics in a nutshell are well they just “are”. For what it’s worth my scopes run from old Weaver, Denver Colorado Redfield, Leupold, new Redfield made by Leupold, Kahles, Schmidt & Bender, Ziess, Hendsolt, Bushnell XXXX Elites, etc etc etc. In other words yes I’ve used budget optics however I tend to spend a little more than the average guy due to my personal needs. Now with all that said I’m not against budget optics however I do know the difference and can quantifiably compare should I choose to and it’s not arrogance or wishful thinking. I spend for quality where I need it and enough quality where I don’t. As I get older and eyesight isn’t what it used to be my needs for quality keep increasing so I have a different perspective than I would have at 20 with insane eyesight! That may be of interest to some… Initial thoughts: Yup it’s a UTG but let’s not be hasty. Over at the build quality looks good for the money. Oh look it came with two batteries!!! Yay!!! Score me!!!! Ok rings, the rings are pretty nice for non locking rings. They appear pretty stout and not cheap. I do like that they’re adjustable, I like that a lot. Illumination in my well lit kitchen is pretty dang bright, maybe even daylight capable although that’s not necessary. I mounted the scope into the supplied rings and mounted on the side mount rail I also bought. This went painlessly and without issue. Rings adjusted nicely too for the rail quite well. I’m very pleased with that even though they’re not locking rings. At the range: Scope zero’d pretty fast even though I had to crank the windage virtually all the way right. I’m unsure of if this was a rail issue or scope although to be fair I suspect rail so I won’t judge that against the scope. Scope was clear and bright during the bright afternoon sun (1200-1500) but to be fair a Coke bottle is clear and bright with this type of lighting. You don’t really notice the difference until the light gets to fading. I didn’t spend enough time out in the single digits under dressed to check low light abilities. Magnification adjustment full on sucked!!! Way super tight. Had to take off my gloves and fight it to go from 3-9X. Inexcusable how tight it was. This might not matter to warm weather shooters but when you live in a place where sub zero is normal in the winter yeah it kind of matters. Besides there’s no reason for the magnification to be so insanely tight and hard to turn. Eye relief at 3X was pretty forgiving but at 9X typical of budget optics it gets downright bitchy about being perfectly aligned. I spent too much time hunting for the circle of light in the black for my patience. Again it’s Budget optic so that’s generally typical though. Adjustable objective was a little touchy for my likes but cleared up the target at 50y pretty well. It could be a little less abrupt on the changes but it’s sufficiently functional. Scope zero’d easily and held zero over two trips to the range. Oh the turrets those moved like a dream!!! Smooth and clean sharp clicks I felt they my gloves. Beautifully executed!!! The magnification adjustment should move like the windage and elevation adjustment did. Final thoughts: All in all scope did well however that magnification adjustment is just unforgivable in today’s world. I might not complain if it was a $20 optic but twenty years ago a $20 optic would put this thing to shame. Yes it would because I gave away my $20 new Simon’s Deerfield 3-9X that I bought 20+years ago and it’s still going strong for it’s new owner. UTG should be at a point of refining their optics and quality control now not shipping out items the user has to live with for the money. Now to be fair the scope does pack some nice features for the money and those turrets are frickin beautiful!!!! So with all that said it’s a solid 3 Star scope that could’ve been a 4 Star with really nice rings (for the money) and great illumination, but for that overly tight magnification ring. If you can buy better I would but if you can’t then it’ll do it’s job. I’ll keep the scope and run it as a fixed power optic for now until I run across someone who needs a scope then I’ll pass it on for free more than likely after I upgrade it to something better. Likely a VX1 and leave the budget optics to the folks that can live with that they live with. And no… This UTG is not just as good as other brands costing several times the money, but maybe you just need failing eyesight to be able to see that. Also I did not use this scope on known highly ACCURATE rifles to see just how tight of a zero it holds. I may and update my review but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for me to have to rezero a scope that I value the ammo more than the scope over. If my review was helpful please click yes if it wasn’t then by all means please click no!!! There’s way to many junk reviews that give absolutely no relevant information on Amazon and I hate sorting thru then so to find a Nugget review it two. Let’s help each other and hello Amazon keep the good reviews and can the craptastic ones! Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      Have this mounted atop my factory bushmaster .223, no mods at all on this weapon. This replaces a worthless red dot, hated that thing with a passion. Took it to the range last week, zeroed at 50 yds and put out 10, 4.5″ clays. Hit them 15 times of 15 shots, so you know by the end I was shooting at tiny pieces left from the first shots. This at 50 yards. However I went back yesterday to try it out longer range. Started with 100 yds, only change needed was 1 mil left. Skipped 200 and went to 300. So here’s where the fun began. I had NO dope on this scope and my guesses at mils needed were based upon my dope from my .308 based in MOA. This being a MUCH lighter round I was using an “educated” guess at what I needed. What round you ask? Monarch 55 grain off the shelf from Academy Sports at $7/box. So, I allowed myself 5 shots to get on target, then 5 shots to test repeat ability. Surprisingly my guesses were all VERY close, the only one off was actually 300 yds. I started at 4.5 mils and came back down to 4.1. 400 and 500 I hit on the money first shot out. Well, I must say I was impressed, not at my guesses but at the scope. I shot at 300, 400, and 500 yards. At 300 and 400 I hit 5 of 5. At 500 I hit 3 of 5, I missed the first 2 just high right and left. My fault, nothing else. The last 3 had the 10″ gong swinging in the wind. At 300 I went up 4.1 mils, at 400 up 8 mils, at 500 up 13 mils with more left in the scope. Took me less than 30 minutes to shoot all 3 distances. That’s all based off the 50 yd zero, and still only 1 mil left at all those ranges with the cheapest .223 ammo you can get off the shelf. I used to hate shooting this rifle, the red dot was a royal PITA. Couldn’t hit a clay at 50 yds to save ur tookus! Now it’s almost impossible to miss! It’s also a whole lot cheaper to shoot than my .308, but that will still be used for the 1000 yards shots…..maybe. I’m gonna have to give it a go, I just have to now.Tho seeing that target at 500 was tough, not sure if I’ll be able to see it at 1000. Eye relief at 3 power is awesome, gets a bit tight at 9, but collapsing the stock about 1/2 way gets you right in there consistently. No tighter than my 6-24 at full power tho. Only thing I have yet to check is to set it back to my 50 yd zero and get after some more clays. I’m guessing it will be perfect. So, bottom line is I love this scope! for the price you absolutely can’t beat it. Kinda like the $139 6-24×44 I have atop my .308 that reaches out to 1000 yds consistently. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get there. I shoot 1000 yds with an $800 off the shelf setup, including the glass! $800 total cost, NO mods done to the rifle other than changing the scope base from 0 to 20 moa, and adding a $17 muzzle break. It can be done, I’m proof. My Bushmaster .223 cost more than my entire 1000 yd .308 setup! But now it’s a bad a$$ 500+ yd shooter. Mikey likey! Read more

    3. Aidan

      I have had this product for two years. It has been mounted on both a .22 LR rifle, as well as a .22 caliber air rifle (spring powered). In my time with this scope, I have identified a few pros and cons. Pros: -The scope is well built and durable. After 2 years of regular and rugged use, I have never encountered any function issues with the scope or the QD rings. In addition to regular knocks, jolts, and scrapes, it is able to withstand the recoil of a spring powered air rifle (the bilateral forces of a spring piston are notorious for destroying good firearm scopes). -The optics are clear, and more than acceptable for the price point. -The adjustable objective and magnification settings are very user friendly. Cons: -Due to the compact size of this scope and its limited eye relief, I have never been able to shoot from a relaxed shooting stance. Regardless of the host of this scope, I have always found myself uncomfortable with how far I have to lean in to get proper eye relief. Summary: The quality of the scope is more than satisfactory. I have put the scope through a lot, and it has never let me down. And, due to the limited eye relief and compact nature of the scope, it has really never been quite right for me. If I could go back, I would have gotten the full length 3-9X from the same manufacturer. Additional Note: I have never felt the need to use the illuminated reticle feature, and consequently cannot comment on the function of this feature. Rest assured however, the scope functions just fine without a battery. Read more

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