Viridian x5l gen three regularly occurring inexperienced laser tactical mild (500 lumens) on the spot-on, detachable rechargeable battery

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  • make certain this suits through entering your model range.
  • suits most holsters designed for streamlight tlr1.
  • 5mw inexperienced laser (510-520nm) for max visibility day or night time.
  • bright 500 lumen cree led tactical light.
  • removable, rechargeable battery with on board charging and battery indicator lighting fixtures
  • 6 operating modes

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from the producer

the most advanced laser/mild combination ever made

the viridian x5l gen three is the authentic green laser/light blend.

product description

viridian 930-0015 x5l gen 3. Established mount grn laser. Laser points of interest. This product is synthetic in united states of america.

2 reviews for Viridian x5l gen three regularly occurring inexperienced laser tactical mild (500 lumens) on the spot-on, detachable rechargeable battery

  1. Jeremy Smith

    I recently acquired a B&T APC9 and only wanted accessories to complement the craftsmanship of this particular firearm. This viridian x5l Gen 3 missed the mark. I currently utilize all of the big weapons mounted flashlight companies. For comparison sakes I will use the Streamlight TLR2G on my FNX 45 tactical that was a direct comparison to this light. Streamlight actually has a higher lumen version (tlr2g hl) than the one I currently have available on the market at only 50 more dollars than this viridian. I liked the compactness of this module compared to the streamlight. I also was inquisitive about the rechargeability of the sight and it all worked well but I will admit it felt weird having to plug the daily weapon in nightly. It did function as expected in that regard. However anyone with a device that gets charged frequently knows after sustained use a charging port gets worn-out. Once this gets worn-out are you supposed to replace the whole unit? As any well informed consumer I did my research prior to this viridian acquisition. There weren’t many reviews on the interwebs and the reviews on Amazon were hit or miss. Several of those reviews alluded to the fact of potential artifacts in the beam. I haven’t previously spent any money with viridian and have never owned one of their products so I decided to give them a chance. This was not a free unit or a unit for test and evaluation. I received this product on Friday March 1st 2019. I mounted it to the B&T and looked forward to my range trip the next morning. In gathering the tool needed to adjust the laser, I released that there were no included instructions. This was also was referred to by another reviewer of the x5l. So I set off the the range and shot about 300 rounds through the Apc9. Success, all is well I’m on cloud nine and I think this is just what I wanted on this pistol. Well unfortunately, that was a fleeing emotion. Today is Sunday March 3rd and there are artifacts in the laser. At one point I had a dot and a long streak. At another I had two visible dots with more artifacts. At this point I realize that I should of gone with streamlight. It may not be as slim but with cutting the fat away Viridian also cut away the quality. I have only tier 1 equipment when it comes to my firearms because I value my life that much. If you are into role playing or larping this is the weapons mounted light for you. If you are depending on this to produce consistent performance when it is need i.e life or death scenario then it’s not for you. There is a phrase buy once cry once and I normally subscribe to that. However, I went out on a limb and tried to give a company a chance, I mean they did pioneer green lasers and white lights to be affixed to many weapons platforms and they failed me within 48 hours. That says alot in so little time. The device wasn’t handled improperly or abused and it still failed. I will be returning it and getting the new streamlight tlr2g hl with 300 more lumens then the 500 this Viridian has and green laser. It is a trade off of having to stock batteries vs charging but I already have one and batteries are plentiful. I wish for the best shopping experience for the people who come here after me. Read more

  2. Steve’s Purchases

    I’ve purchase TWO of these lights from amazon, but I’m returning this one (and may have to return the second). This one arrived with the vertical laser adjustment not functioning — at 10 feet it points 2 feet high and doesn’t move with the adjustment screw — both adjustments on the other light, and the horizontal adjustment on this one, work just fine. As a comic aside, in response to a query I sent viridian on the matter the viridian support representative tells me it should be sighted at 21 feet, not 10 feet, and I should try that (LOL!). Another worrying factor is true with BOTH lights I’ve purchased: The on-off holster functionality is strangely clunky: if I holster the pistol QUICKLY, it shuts right off; if I slide the pistol into the holster slowly — all the way to the bottom — it then takes 2-5 seconds for the light to turn off. I can’t even figure out how that could be POSSIBLE, yet it’s like that every time. I’ve asked viridian about it, they admit this is not expected, and, of course, they refer me to the holster maker, which in my case was Hidden Hybrid Holster — and they make FANTASTIC holsters. I’ll talk to them, but I still now feel iffy about this functionality. EDIT: (10/16/18): I’ve since discovered that the issue with auto on/off IS in fact a failing of the holster. As long as the viridian is subjected to an intense enough magnetic field, it will do its job as it should. If the magnet is placed even slightly too far away, or the magnet isn’t strong enough, then problems can arise. EDIT (11/15/18): I returned the clearly broken one to StellarSales123 for a prompt refund with no questions asked — no complaints about that vendor. The other one works very well — there was a small problem with the magnet my holster making used. I replaced the magnet with a slightly larger one, and function is now perfect. Read more

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