Vortex optics car window mount black, 6. 00 x 6. 00 x 12. 00

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  • make certain this suits by means of entering your version variety.
  • prepared to use in only seconds, the vortex car window mount quickly attaches and detaches from automobile window allowing you use any vehicle as a blind for viewing.
  • presents compact, solid guide for spotting scopes and binoculars, and the rugged layout mixed with the clean motion permits you to get proper heading in the right direction readily.
  • capabilities pan head mechanism on which the twist lock design controls all pan and tilt action with one hand allowing smooth and unique
  • use for scouting or chook looking
  • top: 3 inches / max load: 5 kilos / weight: 1. 2 kilos

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the vortex optics automobile window mount (cmw). Prepared to use in only seconds, the vortex automobile window mount fast attaches and detaches from automobile window permitting you use any automobile as a blind for viewing. Presents compact, solid aid for spotting scopes and binoculars, and the rugged design mixed with the smooth action lets in you to get right on the right track with ease. Capabilities pan head mechanism on which the twist lock layout controls all pan and tilt motion with one hand allowing clean and precise. Use for scouting or bird watching. Peak: three inches / max load: 5 pounds / weight: 1. 2 kilos

8 reviews for Vortex optics car window mount black, 6. 00 x 6. 00 x 12. 00

  1. Euresko

    This should work great with my Vortex 85mm spotting scope this year. Seems to have very solid clamps for the window, the horizontal swivel and vertical swivel motion. The metal is very solid and heavy, not flimsy at all. The knob on the side might be a little hard to turn with gloves on, but thin gloves should be fine. Someone else commented they wish it had an adapter to go from this window mount to a tripod mount. Like all things, accessories exist. I use a manfrotto fluid head with QR plate, so will be using their 1/4-20 mounting plate adapter with the QR plate on top of this mount, then I can take the QR plate attached to the spotting scope and move it to my tripod head and this mount. Not a big deal. Those manfrotto QR plates release with a lever and positively lock in place just by pressing down on the plate into the adapter or the tripod head. You don’t need manfrotto brand, there are plenty of knock offs that are very similar and will get the job done. Read more

  2. james peterson

    It is a good window mount but if they added a detachable mount like on the tripod where you could switch from window mount to tripod and back it would be 100% better. Read more

  3. WileEC

    I ordered two well rated window mounts for use with scopes recently and without question this is the one that I will go for first. It is larger, the purchase on the window greater and the controls for it smoother. Clearly the workmanship that goes into Vortex optics has gone into this window mount. Since one of my field scopes weighs over six pounds, the larger size of this mount has made using it more manageable – and once tightened in place, it stays. It’s too bad the images of all these products are not side by side and all taken at the same time. The only clue, from the image is how small the camera screw at the top is, compared to images of other similar products. I would definitely buy this one again and highly recommend it. Read more

  4. Bobby Bear

    I have 3 window clamps including the Vortex I just bought. The Vortex clamp is the best by far, and I would buy another. Only thing is it’s durable enough I won’t have to buy another. Stays in place with no damage or marks on your window. Great clamp. Read more

  5. Elizabeth Gourneau

    Love the sturdiness on my car window. I add a custom made mosquito net for the window and sunroof. It make a difference for a good shot of the moon. Read more

  6. JoBo

    Very easy to use for birding with spotting scope. The price is fair. Well constructed and backed by the unbeatable Vortex warranty!! Read more

  7. Patrick Laherty

    Went to Klamath basin to view the over-wintering birds (thousands). Most of the time we were in our Sprinter vehicle. The use of this mount with our 88mm Kowa was a match made in birdland. Works well, adjusts easily, solid on the window, easy to take off and put on the other side. Perfect for our needs. Read more

  8. redhub1

    I like the way it holds a scope on your window. I don’t like the way the handle is in the way when looking through the scope. Looking for a better choice. Read more

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