Vortex optics crossfire ii adjustable goal, 2d focal aircraft, 1-inch tube riflescopes

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  • the four-12×40 adjustable objective crossfire ii riflescope is considered one of many configurations inside the crossfire ii line. The dead-preserve bdc reticle is good for searching/taking pictures at various levels where estimating holdover is a situation
  • the adjustable objective presents photo cognizance and parallax elimination to the shooter at the same time as anti-reflective, fully multi-covered lenses provide brilliant and clean perspectives
  • with long eye alleviation and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you’ll be capable of speedy get a sight image and collect your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and clean reticle focusing
  • capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with moa clicks that may be reset to zero after sighting in
  • a unmarried piece tube made out of plane grade aluminum guarantees electricity and shockproof performance. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, the crossfire ii offers water-proof and fogproof performance
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vortex crossfire ii four-12×40 ao rifle scope, useless-preserve bdc reticle cf2-31019


4-12×40, 4-12×50, 6-18×44


Dead-Hold BDC

5 reviews for Vortex optics crossfire ii adjustable goal, 2d focal aircraft, 1-inch tube riflescopes

  1. Michael

    This is my first Vortex scope and after all the positive things I have heard about this line for years, I was very excited to add this to my collection. I mounted this on my AR-15 and headed to the range. The first issue I had was turning the optical bell that adjusts parallax. You can barely move it. It is so tight. This can’t be to spec. The second issue I had was that the image at 100 yards was very poor, and not great at 50. I could barley see my hits, and I use spaltterburst targets that help immensely. I was using a 3-9×40 on another rifle that was $90 that had far superior optics and clarity to the Vortex. The eye box is great and the eye relief is nice. However, it is all for naught if the image is so blurry you can’t make out your hits. I tried manipulating the parallax to multiple positions, and in the end I just have to conclude that the glass quality is not that great. Sent it back. Read more

  2. B.Smith

    The is my second Vortex Crossfire II. My first one I bought 3 years ago for my Savage .270; the setup I would use to intoduce my sons to deer hunting in CA and Utah. I chose it for the price and reputation alone. I knew nothing about this scope. I spent some time learning my cartridge and how to use the Vortex Dead Hold reticle. I sighted the zero in at 200 yards and I was consistently smacking steel at 600 yards using only the Dead Hold reticle. I’ve never compared this to a “high-end” scope, so I can’t speak to the glass clarity. But I looks pretty good to me. The 50mm objective makes a huge difference in low light situations. We were looking for a legal buck with Vortex 10-42 binos with 10 minutes of shooting light left it was hard to tell exactly what our target was or was not until we looked through scope which kept us from making a costly mistake. It really made a difference. When shopping for this scope, I wanted to look at those “high-end” brand name scopes and maybe even spend $300 or more so I could have that fancy name and big reputation on my new Howa .308. It came down to the fact that I couldn’t find one with a 50mm objective and a holdover reticle anywhere near my budget. I decided to go with the same Vortex scope because it’s never failed to perform and I know how to use it! Final note: Customer service. I lost my turret caps one time at the rage. Vortex sent me a new set no questions asked! I now own 2 Vortex binos, 2 scopes, a rangefinder, and a tripod! Vortex is a class act. Read more

  3. Military Vet

    This is my first Vortex and am amazed at the quality. Mounted this scope on a custom built AR 5.56 on 1″ high mounts and it looks awesome. I am extremely happy with the purchase. I bought Vortex because of the high reviews and they certainly deserve it. The lens is crystal clear and the AO feature works perfectly. Picked a target out in front of the house and increased magnification to 10x and it was all blurry. Estimated the distance, dialed the AO to that distance and target was as clear as if it were right in front of me. Too cold in Ohio right now for range time so can’t say about BDC accuracy but I’m sure it will be great too. Adjustment turrets have solid, firm clicks……bore sighted it in just a few minutes. This is such a nice scope I already have a Sparc 2 in my shopping cart. Buy Vortex…you won’t be sorry. UPDATE: Took this to the range and was sighted in in just three shots. This scope is as great as I thought is would be. This is mounted on an 18″ 5.56 Socom barreled upper and is extremely accurate. Easy to zero, crystal clear lens, stays mounted very solidly. Love their VIP Warranty. Read more

  4. James W. Johnson, Jr

    I received my scope yesterday, and immediately mounted it on my Savage 10 in .308.The DNZ high profile mounts on this rifle provides a perfect system for this scope,and it’s 50mm objective no clearance problems Whatsoever even with the Vortex lense caps I received and installed today.Off to the local range to test her out while the weather is cooperating.After bore-sighting,and using Remington Coreloct 150gr bullets to get it on paper.I was getting 1/2 groups at 50 yards.I moved out to 100 yds to zero with my favorite rounds {Hornady 150gr.SST’s}.My groups were either touching or passing through the same holes.Granted this is a very accurate rifle,as most Savages are,but this is the best I’ve ever shot it.I attribute this to being able to see the target better due to this scope.I own a couple of Leupolds,and most of my Deer rifles,and Rimfires have Nikons on them,and it’s hard to beat them in clarity.This Vortex holds it’s own for less money.I am totally satisfied with mine so far,and with the VIP warranty what have I got to lose. Read more

  5. Josh

    Ok this was ok but not good enough to keep. I’m no scope snob by any means infact never spent over 300$ on one. That being said the glass was ok, for the price not so much. I have a 70 dollar scope that’s much clearer and let’s more light in than this granted the 70$ scope should probably cost 150-200 and rarely find gems like it. The magnification seemed correct, the turrets were decent and the eye relief was where this really shined except for higher magnification 12-18 but that was expected. put this on a Savage 10 ba stealth 6.5 creedmoor, and would have been decently happy with the scope. But when I first used this sighted it in at 30 yards then 100 then 200, the problem happened when going back to 30. Not sure if something broke cause was sighted perfect at 30 yards but when trying again for the life of me couldn’t get it within 1.5-2 inches away from POA and the elevation turret was completely maxed out. I shoot outside my house and have two little ranges a 30 yard pistol range and a 200 yard rifle range, but I often use the pistol range to shoot rifles especially when sighting scopes so if I cant adjust down to 30 yards it’s definitely a deal breaker. Like to think I just got a fluke one cause was my first vortex and after all the good things I heard really wanted to love it, but wasn’t the case maybe eventually I’ll try another. For now I’ll stick with athlon, riton, seems like you pay for the actual scope not just the name, or maybe if I get rich I’ll buy a better model cause heard the budget friendly models of vortex are lacking. Read more

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