Vortex optics defender riflescope flip caps

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  • truely indestructible, the defender flip caps are the most versatile and sturdy available on the market, these are the last turn caps you may ever need. Made inside the u. S..
  • a chrome steel spring flips the eyepiece into a couple of stop positions: vertical, 45 degrees and ninety degrees. The vertical function is for putting your dope disk in to have easy get entry to to even as capturing. Dope disk no longer blanketed.
  • the e-10 suits all vortex riflescopes except the 1-inch tube viper version vpr-m-01bdc, vpr-m-04bdc and vpr-m-03bdc. Outside diameter: 41. Five-46 mm 8 inches
  • a stainless-steel spring flips the o-24 cap into a couple of stop positions at forty five and ninety ranges. Out of doors diameter: 28. 25-31. 25 mm objective-24 suits: rzr-16003, rzr-16004, rzr-16005, pst-14st-m, pst-14st-a, pst-43111, pst-1605, pst-1607, se-1624-1, se-1824-1, cf2-31035, cf2-31037, cf2-31047
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this is the last turn cap you may ever want! Sincerely indestructible, this cap will in shape snugly on nearly all vortex riflescopes and functions a snap flat spring with the intention to preserve your line of sight unobstructed. Rifle stages the world over are plagued by damaged flip caps. This is one cap you may maximum likely never see in a turn cap boneyard.


O-40 (45.5-48.5 mm), O-44 (48-53 mm), O-50 (55-59 mm)

3 reviews for Vortex optics defender riflescope flip caps

  1. BC

    I purchased this for use on my Vortex Diamondback riflescope mounted on a Remington 700 30.06 bolt action hunting rifle. It arrived in a timely fashion and in good condition. I was able to easily install them. I tested the flip cap which worked great. With a minimal amount of finger pressure, the caps flip open and out of the way with barely audible sound. It is much quieter than the rifle’s safety switch. In the field, I can’t imagine a deer hearing it unless the deer is less than one foot away. They close just a quietly. I can see where the cap might try to slide off if the wrong size was ordered. However, if one has the right size cap, they stay nicely in place. I was concerned about the cap interfering with my rifle’s bolt action since my scope is set at such a low profile. However, since the cap has a ultra-low profile, it does not interfere with my bolt action. Since the body is made of good quality rubber, it is virtually indestructible under normal circumstances. I’m not afraid of normal hunting bumps and scrapes. I strongly recommend this product! Read more

  2. Daddytobe

    I installed these on a Vortex viper 4-16HS for deer hunting. You can nearly get them open without it wanting to pull off of the scope and is really loud when it opens compared to the butler creek. I would not recommend these for any kind of hunting due to being loud and having to hold it with 2 hands to get it open without peeling it off of the optic. Read more

  3. P. Ralston

    I prefer these caps over the Butler Creek or Monstrum scope caps. Have them on several scopes. It is nice that you can snap them all the way down and out of the way. Made in America and they feel heavy duty. Only complaint is the open some what hard. And when you close them they snap louder then the Butler Creek. Read more

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