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  • the diamondback 1. 75-5×32 riflescope is one of the more than one configurations in the diamondback lineup and is good for massive sport, slug shotgun, and brush hunting programs
  • useless-maintain bdc reticle is ideal for any looking or capturing at varying degrees wherein estimating maintain-over might be a difficulty.
  • lenses are completely multi-lined for crstyal clean, brilliant pics from sunrise til nightfall. The fast consciousness eyepiece lets in for short and easy reticle focusing.
  • metallic on metallic precision turrets provide the capacity to 0 reset after sight-in. A precision waft erector device ensures correct monitoring and repeatability.
  • a solid one-piece tube with a hard anodized finish creates a shockproof and durable scope while supporting camouflage the shooter’s function. Argon purged and o-ring sealed the scope will deliver a lifetime of fog evidence and waterproof overall performance.
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diamondback 1. Seventy five-5x32mm riflescope the diamondback—loaded with functions! First, the stable one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum alloy production makes the diamondback riflescope clearly indestructible and pretty proof against magnum draw back. Argon purging places water-resistant and fogproof performance at the agenda, and superior fully multi-lined optics improve an eyebrow whilst crystal clear, tack-sharp images appear within the crosshairs. Search for all this and greater in a riflescope you’ll expect to price quite a chunk extra-but does not. The 1. 75-5×32 riflescope is right for massive game, muzzleloader, slug shotgun, and brush searching packages. Functions a 2d focal aircraft dead-preserve bdc reticle, which has a custom designed design that facilitates get rid of guesswork on keep-over and windage corrections. Right for any searching or taking pictures at various ranges in which estimating keep-over might be a concern.


1.75-5×32, 3-9×40, 4-12×40


Dead-Hold BDC

8 reviews for Vortex optics diamondback second focal plane riflescopes

  1. A. Case

    Warranty – What Warranty??? Forget about a warranty – Mine continually failed and all I got from Vortex was excuses and extra shipping costs. I tested the first 1.5-5 Diamonadback scope which I got for Christmas – and stupidly let slip past the return date – and another I purchased, but was able to return. I tested them extensively – 400 rounds or better trying to get one to hold zero – forget about it! I was using this scope on a .35 rem 1976 Marlin – A rifle I know very well! I was using my own hand loads and shooting off of two sand bags on a bench at a range. Over and over after 40 rounds or so (not shot all at the same time at a high rate – – not a hot barrel issue) phlewy off zero. So I tested the rifle against itself with iron sights – this vintage marlin shoots 1.5 MOA from a cold barrel – AND I know it! so I tested the rifle with an old 3-9 Nikon I had kicking about – shot fine held zero. Same rifle, same rings, same range, same ammo, same shooter, but consistently different results. TheVortex kept failing and an old kicked about Nikon shot true. Same with the old factory iron sights – shot true. Tried to get my money back from vortex – just more shipping cost – “your scopes slipping blah, blah, blah”. Nonsense! I Always put witness marks on a scope when I mount it so I know when if slips or shifts. So I got burned by Vortex. I accepted this and moved on. I purchased a 2-7 Nikon Prostaff. Guess what! – Same rifle, same rings, same range, same ammo, same shooter, but consistently different results – The Prostaff works fine!. It was less money and works great! What really galls me is that for the money I paid for the Vortex garbage scope and the nice Nikon, I could have bought a great Leupold! So as a former Vortex fan (I own three Vipers and this garbage Diamondback) I’m here to tell you – One, the warranty is bunk and Two this scope is junk Read more

  2. Newbold

    Excellent Scope! I have always outfitted my rifles with Leupold VX-2 scopes until I tried one of these on a Ruger Hawkeye 30-06. I believe the Vortex is superior to the Leupold and it costs less. My wife, son and myself harvested several deer using this scope this year. I even had a sling break causing the rifle to fall off my shoulder and onto the gravel road I was walking on. The scope hit hard enough it suffered some scratches but was still dead on! You can’t go go wrong with this scope. Read more

  3. Jshell3

    I’ve looked through many many scopes. I’ve read forums, atop of forums about optics and features. I’ve question actual value v/s perceived value. Namebrand (brain washing) aside, I chose THIS scope! It’s good. It’s really, really good. I own other scopes and other rifles… But for a deer hunting rifle (mine’s a 270win), you will not need or find a sub $200 scope better than this DIAMONDBACK. If you decide to go to a higher priced scope, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. It’s money wasted. Pure and simple. The Bullet Drop Compensation… BDC reticle gives great advantage to 200, 300, 400, 500 yrd shots. Set your Zero at 100 yards, then each +100 distance is designated by a hash mark (MOA) on the scope. Zero rest turrets for windage and elevation. Oh, and a slight side note… I shoot a long action Savage 110. This scope (barely) fit spanning the 6″ distance between the 2 piece base and using “HIGH” Weaver rings (as shown). Read more

  4. donutman415

    This scope was worth every penny and more. I have it mounted with some regular vortex mounts. The 4-12×44 is perfect for me I have it on a aero precision upper in 5.56/.223 with a heavy 18″ barrel. Its easy to dial in and you dont have to struggle to adjust it. Also the glass is very clear even at full power. Now i just started shooting long range and I’m not the best shooter but I can hold my own. Thanks to the range master and YouTube for the quick class in shooting. I didnt want to go all out on a scope so when i seen this for $199.99 I had to get it. If it came with flip up lens cap it would have gotten a 5 star Read more

  5. Patrick

    This is the 2nd vortex scope I had to send back in a row. 1st one had black piece of plastic or metal on the inside lens of eye piece which was visible when looking thru it. 2nd one was scratched on objective lens and looked used. I’ll order one more time, hopefully 3rd one is correct. Different sellers on each one. I have 2 other vortex vipers scopes and a pair of razor HD binos with no issues. Read more

  6. BC

    I purchased this scope for my Remington 700 CDL Springfield in 30.06. The scope is a basic meat and potatoes scope which works great if you want to keep things simple. After mounting it on my rifle using a couple of over-the-counter scope rings, I discovered that I had a eye relief problem. Even at maximum adjustment, my scope set too far forward for proper eye relief without straining forward. I replaced the scope rings with a one piece picatinny rail and a set of Vortex Pro Series Rings (1″). This allowed me to adjust my scope further back for better eye relief. It adjusted back about 1/4″ shy of perfect eye relief, but my eye relief is a lot better now without having to strain. The reason for the eye relief problem rests with the factory installed high-tech. recoil pad. The rifle is legendary and is sweet as honey to shoot. I couldn’t ask for a better suited scope for my shooting style. All in all, I’m satisfied now with my rifle setup. Read more

  7. Amanda Barrera Ferguson

    Replaced a leupold Mark AR with this, and could not be happier. Good clear glass. The reticle is great. Nice audible clicks and the turrets reset under the caps. This is best bang for your buck. Read more

  8. Min Kim

    I zeroed the scope last week and was on point at hitting my half-inch target. The eye relief is excellent and the overall quality of the product is top notch. I moved to 200 yds and was able to hit my target 18 out of 20 times. That shouldn’t take away from the scope though. I was in a rush and was shooting fast. I zoomed out to 12x and the view was still crystal clear. Read more

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