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  • the diamondback tactical first focal plane four-16×44 stands on the intersection of precision and fee, handing over an impressive array of functions and overall performance.
  • extra-low dispersion glass and completely multi-lined lenses transmit a crisp, vibrant sight photograph. The first focal plane, glass-etched reticle keep subtensions accurate at some stage in the 4x zoom range.
  • the precision-drift erector machine uses top class additives inside the zoom lens to ensure easy magnification changes under the harshest situations.
  • exposed tactical turrets and a aspect parallax knob supply shooters the tools wanted for long distance precision capturing. The fast recognition eyepiece allows quick and smooth reticle focusing.
  • the unmarried piece 30mm tube is shockproof, ruggedly built to resist cringe and impacts. Sturdy o-ring seals and nitrogen purging assure water-proof and fogproof overall performance.
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4-16×44, 6-24×50



8 reviews for Vortex optics diamondback tactical first focal aircraft riflescopes


    I had serious doubts about the quality of this scope given the price point, but it surpassed my expectations. The thing that worried me was that their wasn’t very much parallax adjustment past 300 yards. In fact none. I went to our spot and dialed in a target at 347 yards. The adjustment was already out to infinity at this short distance. The picture was clear and crisp. Went to 400, 600 and then 850 yards. Still a clear picture on infinity setting. Glass was clear to the edges, big eye box. Even bobbing my head gave no parallax deviations. Tracked perfectly and returns to zero, spot on! Turrets are not mushy like others have said. They are just close ratioed, but concise feelable clicks. Using the Burris XTR Signature rings with 20 MOA inserts added gives me plenty of adjustment to go out beyond the 1000 yard mark. Not worried about not having a zero stop as one full revolution (15 MOA) gets you already out past 600 yards, so doubt you will get confused as to where you are at. Buy once, cry once! This scope is as good as or better than competing scopes costing up to twice the price. Read more

  2. Cryptos

    Very good scope for the money. Love the warranty and so far it’s very accurate for my skill level. Sighting my 6.5 hells canyon in I could clearly see my groups and while at max zoom short range objects can get a bit out of focus it’s still full stars for me. Pic is deer at 190yrds on 16x magnification with a camera phone. Read more

  3. Chase

    Starting from the outside, scope is of sturdy build and turrets are well mounted and tight when twisted, while also being strong enough to not be twisted by bumping into things or moving around in a case. Using the magnification is very easy and it maintains clarity through 4-15x magnification. At 16x you will experience a dip in clarity but this is to be expected with any scope when maxed out, and even then it will still beat any stock or budget aftermarket scope you could find. The reticule is extremely crisp and defined, even so much so that at at 4x magnification it is hard to see the numbers on the hold over and wind correction marks. This is mainly becasue it is a first focal plane scope so the reticle zooms in when you zoom in, meaning it’s outstanding and HD when you start to use higher magnifications rather than too large and in the way. Secondly is the fact that when I zeroed this scope and store it in a soft cover it retains it’s zero to this day. I drove all the way from Texas to Wyoming, switching it between vehicles multiple times, mounting it on ATV’s, riding back country trials up in the Big Horn National Forrest on the side of Cloud Peak, and it never bumped off its zero even after a solid week of that. If you are looking for a high quality scope that doesn’t break the bank this is it. Read more

  4. Mark M.

    Beautiful piece of glass. Most are intimidated by 6-24 but it is such a good range of zoom. The parallax settings were spot on and the reticle is very eye friendly. Not to long for most rifles even with sun shade. The eye relief is more than adequate to prevent scope bite. Very happy there is finally a high quality FFP scope out there at a budget rifle price point. Read more

  5. Steve

    The glass isn’t the sharpest but it’s clear, I wouldn’t call it crisp but it’s definitely not crap. Windage and elevation adjustments are responsive. At 800 yards I could honestly see myself making that shot Read more

  6. West Desert Enthusiasts

    To start, I expected a made in China product. I also expected a rather shallow eye relief and no your not going to get top tier lenses coatings for this price. This scope was purchased for a 22lr and for my eyes and needs the 4 to 16 zoom range was just right as is the adjustable parallex down to 25yds. A nice thin MRAD reticle pared with solid clicking MIL turrets is the same as my Steiner and S&B PMII. No I can’t say it’s glass is crazy sick amazing but it is clear as could be and given the sum of its features which include FFP there just aren’t any down sides which concern me other than where it’s manufactured. At the range I used a machinist level and an in/lb torque screwdriver for install, then bore sited. 3 shot and done. Lots of cleaning to achieve gift status I’m done and happily waiting for Valentine Day. Today with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 scope manufacturers, all glass comes out of Asia and quality has improved significantly in all price ranges. Tracking accuracy, build quality and proprietary coatings are where more money yields big gains. Vortex warranty is solid in my limited experience so time will tell. Additional note, the seller I worked with I can not say enough good about! Everything from honest communication, excellent service and going the extra mile we’re my experiences. This could easily be a 5 star review but with limited set-up time with this scope I’m not there yet. More time needed and forget not that the rifle is new out of the box. Read more

  7. Nicholas green

    Very happy overall. Mounted to a rem 700 with magpul stock and vortex medium tactical rings. Had great groupings at 100 and 200. One drawback is at around 550 yards you begin to get mirage, but I used it successfully at 680 yards. Read more


    Especially for the price. Have been shopping around for a quality scope at an affordable price and after talking to some REAL shooters (ie SWAT snipers) they strongly recommended Vortex as a great, affordable scope. I have been very happy with it so far. Easy to dial in. Only complaint is that the crosshairs are extremely fine and hard to see at lower magnification but I believe that is simply due to it being FF plane scope. Otherwise, completely happy with it and the seller. Great price and excellent service. Read more

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