Vortex optics golden eagle hd 15-60×52 2nd focal aircraft riflescopes

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  • ensure this fits with the aid of entering your version variety.
  • he golden eagle hd is specially designed for aggressive shooters in f-class, bench relaxation and different taking pictures disciplines with goals at acknowledged distance. A finely subtended, 2d focal plane reticle and 1/8 moa clicks help you make subtle adjustments.
  • excessive density, apochromatic lens elements are index matched and generate sharp, high definition photos. Premium, xr anti-reflective coatings supply most brightness at the highest magnificaiton.
  • a facet recognition adjustment gets rid of down range parallax. An aperture prevent ring broadens your depth area allowing you to greater effortlessly study mirage and wind indicators even as preserving your goal in recognition
  • a 30mm maintube machined from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum provides a tremendously dependable platform for taking precision shots. At 29. 5 oz, you may be capable of adhere to strict competition limits.
  • o-ring sealed and argon purged, the golden eagle offers water-proof and fogproof performance. Armortek coatings defend the lenses from scratches, oil, and dust.
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golden eagle hd 15-60×52 ecr-1 (moa) riflescope (tcs-1503)

aggressive shooters require a very particular set of features to live beforehand of the opposition, and the golden eagle hits the mark (pun supposed). The 15-60x magnification, pleasant reticle, and high quality and repeatable monitoring are ideal for best tuning that document shot. Plus, its highly light weight-29. 5 oz.-lets in shooters to stick to strict competition weight limits.

whether or not you’re interested by rimfire bench rest, centerfire bench relaxation, nra excessive-electricity or f-magnificence competitions, that is the scope for you.

dual use for shooting tactical/looking.

ecr-1 moa reticle

  • the scr-1 (easy crosshair reticle) is the exact opposite of a ‘busy’ reticle. The only component that needs your interest is a conventional set of quality crosshairs that subtend 0. 016 moa at 40x.
  • 2d focal aircraft reticle continues the same ideally-sized look. Indexed reticle subtensions used for estimating range, holdover and wind drift correction are correct at 40x magnification.
  • fast attention eyepiece lets in brief and clean reticle focusing.
  • different features


    ECR-1 MOA

    8 reviews for Vortex optics golden eagle hd 15-60×52 2nd focal aircraft riflescopes

    1. The Tin Man

      The best of the best. What can I say? It’s like having a spotting scope on your rifle. Well as a matter of fact it is a spotting scope FOR a rifle. I can see the tiny parts of a fly on a log at 200 yards. Need I say more? It went on a 6.5 Creedmoor because I was told you can hit a golf ball with it at 600 yards. Well I needed to SEE the golf ball. Now I can see the dimples in the golf ball and they look like the craters of a full moon on the horizon. You know, when it looks bigger then it is. Read more

    2. T Scott

      Great scope! After doing a considerable amount of research I’m really glad I went with Vortex and particularly the Golden Eagle for my long range hunting platform. The picture is crystal clear all the way out to maximum magnification and it tracks perfectly in elevation. Can’t imagine why anyone would pay more for other scopes considering the high quality and lifetime warranty of Vortex. I mounted it on a 20 MOA base to maximize the range and I’ve been very happy with the results out to the limits of my local range (1400 yards). I haven’t had the chance to take it out beyond that, but I know I still have plenty of room to dial it up. As others have already mentioned it really does eliminate the need for a spotting scope, although I will use one for long range target acquisition, but no need to switch to the spotting scope to see where the round hit. I’m buying another one for my competition rifle! Read more

    3. Amazon Man

      I would not use this scope on anything below 100 Yards because the field of view is just too small. However as an F1 scope, or on a range queen rifle there is no equal that I have ever seen, it’s simply badass. At 100 yards shots through the same hole all day long. In my opinion the pinpoint accuracy can be attributed mainly to the reticle design. The small dot in the center of the reticle on the ECR-1 scope is so clear you can put it on different parts of the bullseye and hit. It’s really quite amazing. This scope will make you a better long range shot without a doubt. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      If you want to shoot at distances farther than 500 yards this scope is worth considering. I’m new to ultra long distance shooting. My others scopes have been up to 24X. Nothing bothers me about this scope. Having a second focus on the left side across from the elevation and windage adjustments is real nice. A few friends of mine who have doing long range shooting for years are very impressed. It’s expensive as hell, but for what you’re getting it’s actually really inexpensive compared to the competitors. Read more

    5. K.Kahn

      This is my second Vortex scope – I was replacing an existing Vortex 6-24 with this beauty on a long-range 338 Lapua intended for 1k yd range shooting. My experience with Vortex is that they make an outstandingly clear and rugged scope that costs order-of-magnitude less than the top competitors. Only time will tell if it holds up, but so far it’s a 5-star scope. Read more

    6. old dude

      Eye relief is so good you may have an issue getting it forward enough. It is not much good at less than 100 yds but at a 100 yds you can see a pln prick clearly. At 600 yds you can see small caliber hits clearly and for me thats really something. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      This product was on sale because it supposedly had some cosmetic damages but I’ve yet to find any so I’m ecstatic about that. I’ve only gotten to take the scope out once but the glass is crystal clear and the paralaxing is amazing. 5 stars for sure. Read more

    8. WWH

      Very nice scope, will not regret purchase! Read more

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