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  • make certain this suits via entering your version variety.
  • 10x magnification and 32mm objective lenses, this raptor binocular has a extensive-perspective, porro prism layout that flexs to sell secure viewing for a variety of facial systems, huge or narrow.
  • fully multi-covered lenses transmit vivid, crisp photos with tremendous shade fidelity and readability.
  • eyecups twist up for customizable eye relief even as a right eye diopter accomodates for focal variations on your eyes.
  • rubber armor makes the raptor long lasting while nitrogen purging offers you improved water-resistant and fogproof performance in intense weather conditions.
  • the raptor is a outstanding in shape for everyone within the family. Subject of view: 339 toes/a thousand6. Three stages
  • close attention: 15 ft
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raptor 10×32 porro prism binocular (r310)

we’ve taken porro prism performance to a whole new level with a mid-size, huge-perspective design featuring waterproof, fogproof production and completely multi-covered optics. The raptor binoculars supply a vibrant, crisp photograph with high-quality shade fidelity-even in low mild situations. With a wide variety of interpupillary distance, this binocular can be easily adjusted to healthy each person within the own family, from younger kids to adults.

alter eyecups & ipd

experience at ease viewing even if you put on eyeglasses. In reality twist the eyecups up or down to see the total subject of view. Maintain the eyecups absolutely extended if you aren’t carrying eyeglasses or sun shades.

the ipd (interpupillary distance) is the space among the centers of the left and proper student. Your binocular also has an ipd. To look a single picture free of shading, rotate your binocular till its ipd aligns together with your eyes.

recognition your binocular

for the high-quality views, use the center consciousness and diopter to alter for vision variations in each eye. Select an object that is about 20 yards faraway from you and carry out this two-step system:

  • near your right eye or cowl the right goal lens along with your hand. Take a look at the item together with your left eye and adjust the center consciousness dial till the photo is in consciousness.
  • near your left eye or cowl the left goal lens with your hand and rotate the ring until the object is in focus.
  • lens care

  • blow away any dust or grit earlier than wiping the lens. Use a can of pressurized air, smooth camel hair brush, or acrylic optical brush.
  • lightly cast off smudges, fingerprints, and eyelash oil from the lens. Use a small amount of water or your breath to moisten the lens then wipe away smudges with a clean lens fabric. Isopropyl alcohol can help do away with marks like fingerprints.
  • modify eyecups & ipd

    awareness your binocular

    lens care


    10×32, 8.5×32

    6 reviews for Vortex optics raptor porro prism binoculars

    1. Stephen M.

      I have about 10 different pairs of binoculars of varying price and size. There are several problems with these binocs. First, I do not need to adjust the diopter differently left to right on any of my other pairs. Not only do I need to adjust these but the adjustment seems beyond the limit of adjustment allowed so left and right are not perfectly in sync. I addition, it feels as if the two sides are not aligned so that one side is looking subtly off form the other. I get a headache quickly while using these binoculars. I would return them but unfortunately I threw away the box they came in. I contacted vortex directly and they immediately asked me to send it to them for replacement. Good service Read more

    2. D. L.

      So we ordered four different brands that had been highly rated, and all within the same price range. Four people looked through them and all four of us ranked this one as the 2nd worst pair. The eye relief is decent and optics were decent as well, but still not as good as the others. The pair we ended up keeping (Celestron Outland 10×42) was almost half the price of these and were a tad better than these in all categories. You would be wise to go with a different brand/model in this price range. Read more

    3. Jeff Holland

      I have not extensively field tested this binocular yet, so I can’t say yet how well it holds up or how waterproof it actually is but it fully meets my expectations for a small and rugged binocular. I chose this binocular because I have narrow pupils, and so most binoculars do not fit my eyes properly. I was concerned that some users claimed that it did not sit on their face properly, and they had to hold it unsupported from their eyes. I had no such problem: The eyecups were actually a little too far out for me when fully extended, but they have a little detent at the halfway mark that allows me to rest it against my eye sockets or nose bridge to keep it supported with a full view. They retract fully for eyeglass wearers. They have a great, wide-field view. The inner 75% of the field of view is sharp, and the outer edges has some barrel distortion and focal and chromatic aberrations, but you’ll understandably have to pay a lot more for edge-to-edge sharpness, so this is expected for the price range. Overall, the binocular is heavy and very rugged feeling–it doesn’t feel like it will bend out of collomation like a lot of cheap binoculars I have encountered. Only time will tell, however, so I hope I can add an update for these in the future. Please note that my binoculars arrived with bad optics on one side (the right side would not come to a sharp focus) I spoke to a customer service representative at Vortex, and they sent me a free return label for FedEx, and they had my binos back in their shop within 3 days. They concluded that the pair I had received was faulty, and they sent me back a brand new pair and a complimentary hat, just a few days later. The new pair works great! I mention this because it shows that Vortex had great customer service, but also as a caveat that their quality control may not be perfect for this model. If you ever receive a questionable model, you should contact them and hopefully you’ll receive the great service that I did. Quality control is also something that you can expect to be lacking in a cheaper model such as this one, but you’ll get more than your money’s worth if you are diligent and work with the company if you have any problems. Read more

    4. Fred

      I did a ton of online research before buying these. My problem was that I wanted good optical quality but couldn’t afford to pay a lot; I wanted something compact to carry in the field and to travel with, and something that would do well with glasses. I concluded that the 8.5×32 Raptors on paper looked about optimal. I am not disappointed. Image clarity is excellent, reminding me of a pair of Bausch & Lomb 7×50’s from the 1960’s (when B&L made them) but without the weight and cumbersome size of that old pair. I have looked closely for either barrel or pincushion distortion and can’t detect any. When looking at stars the images focus to a very small point from edge to edge. Color correction appears to be excellent. There is not a lot of reflection off the internal elements when looking at a light source off the optical axis (ever use cheap binoculars from high in the stands in a night stadium where the lights opposite you are glaring?). Outside appearance is businesslike and pleasing and they look very well made. The only problem was threading the straps through the dogs on the frame which was solved by dragging tham through with a needle and thread. The focusing is a tad stiff but I certainly prefer this to sloppy and loose. I expect to use these happily for a long time. Read more

    5. Nicole McDowell

      Great binos for the price. Overall very comfortable for a glasses wearer and you can tweak them very well to get clear sight. I could easily see targets at 50yds and easily identify where the hit was. These 10x binos are not meant for 1000yds but I could see targets easily at 100 yards, but not hit placement, for that I would recommend either a spotting scope or more magnification binos. BAK7 glass was very clear and amazingly had almost no loss of light, easy to see at dusk, but after 60% of light gone it was hard to see much past 30 yards. For the price, and the rated magnification I would give these a solid 8/10 only because they are slightly larger than I feel a 10x set should be. Read more

    6. so12mo

      My husband has Vortex Crossfire binoculars & loves them, but the Pupillary Distance was too much for me. I needed binoculars with a smaller PD & these work well. Easy adjustment for both eyes & great field of vision. My only issue was the poorly designed strap attachment, it’s a tight fit & the flimsy strap has to pass through a tight 90 degree angle. If I could redesign, the attachment would be 45 degree angle or a straight through design like the Crossfire. It is almost impossible to get the flimsy strap to go through a 90 degree slot. I ended up fraying one end, bending a tiny crochet hook & finally using a pair of tweezers to get the strap through. Read more

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