Vortex optics tactical 30mm riflescope earrings

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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your version variety.
  • sturdy 6-screw tactical ring is best for mounting purple-dot optics, magnifiers, and different add-ons with 30mm tube diameters for your picatinny rail.
  • when the usage of this ring to mount a traditional riflescope, we strongly suggest lapping the jewelry for a proper and cozy match for your optic.
  • this vortex tactical ring positions the middle of the riflescope tube at a top of 1. 18 inches (30. Zero mm) from the base.
  • offered one ring in line with bundle.
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Absolute Co-Witness (1.46 in) – 1 Ring, High (1.18 in) – 1 Ring, Low (0.83 in) – 1 Ring, Lower 1/3 Co-Witness (1.57 in) – 1 Ring, Medium (0.97 in) – 1 Ring

8 reviews for Vortex optics tactical 30mm riflescope earrings

  1. Danny goad

    Mounted these rings on my Tikka T3 lite 30-06 with a 20 MOA pickatinny rail. Used them for a Vortex PST gen 2, 5-25x50mm scope. Torqued them to the rail at vortex specs of 45 in/lbs and the split ring scres to 18 in/lbs. First trip to the range, got on 100 yds pretty quick, ok at 200, lousy at 300. Couldn’t figure it out, I was getting a 20 inch spread. The split rings screws came loose. retorqued and tried again. Same result. Was looking at the scope and could see scratches on the tube, the recoil had moved the scope forward a full inch. Before the second trip to the range, took the screws out to apply loctite (vortex doesn’t recommend this), noticed small metal particles on the screw threads. They’d already begun to strip…at 18 in/lbs. Second trip to the range, gave up after 40 rounds, scope moving around. So after firing a total of 140 rounds of e-tips, gave up and ordered the precision match set for $129. I spent much more than that on wasted ammo and range fees. Don’t waste your money. Read more

  2. Willie

    Very happy with this purchase, these vortex scope rings fit great around my Athlon Argos BTR scope that’s mounted on my Savage 110 tactical desert 6.5 Creedmoor. It comes with instructions on torque (in. lbs) settings along with a torx Allen wrench. Since this is going on a high power precision rifle, I had to end up ordering a Wheeler torque screwdriver to ensure the Vortex scope rings bolts were tight (along with blue loctite). I originally ordered High rings by mistake, these medium height rings put the scope alot closer to the barrel, my Savage 110 has a 20moa rail mount. Read more

  3. Matt C.

    Used these on my Ruger Precision Rifle with the Vortex Crossfire II 6x24x50 and the height is perfect Read more

  4. Bruce E. Layne

    The rings are heavy duty, well made, and would be a good value, but THEY’RE .25 INCHES TOO SHORT. Seller page says 1.46″ tall. Box says 37mm (1.46″). The actual height is 1.20″. I documented the above with a picture that makes it obvious, but I uploaded a picture of a take down rifle in a backpack to a previous backpack review and now I’m apparently banned from uploading pictures. I’m a fussy engineer so I measure everything and rely on accurate descriptions. I’m cursed with rings. It seems that most of the time, I need to order a second set of rings. Usually it’s because the manufacturers are vague and misleading about their specifications. I’m starting to think they do this to sell us two sets of rings, knowing most people will chuck the wrong set (invariably too short) in the box hoping to use them next time. Not me. I’ve had it. I’m sending them back when they clearly advertise one thing and sell another. This isn’t rocket surgery. There should be a clear drawing showing the distance between the top of the rail and the middle of the ring, with that measurement clearly stated… accurately. Otherwise, buying rings is a very frustrating and time wasting process. These rings didn’t seem to be returned items that might have been customer substitutions. These looked like they were in the original manufacturer packaging, sealed as a pair in a plastic bag by the seller. I think the fault is on Vortex or their Chinese manufacturer. Read more

  5. Mr Phill

    Great rings. I always call it luck when the first set of rings fit just right. In the past as many as 3 sets had been purchased to get what I call optimum scope height. Pros. Perfect height. Did not require lapping!!. Cons. None. I hate dealing with so many screws and the tightening sequencing… Great product. Fit and finish are excellent. Glass is leupold vx 3i LRP 8.5-25X50MM SFP. Read more

  6. LLeng

    I bought these because I trust Vortex products. I mounted them up, torqued the mounts to the rail and put in my lapping rod to check alignment and fit. These mounts took a lot of lapping to achieve 80% contact. The first 5 minutes of lapping only got me about 20% contact on the top and bottom of the rings. Alignment was almost perfect but the over sized rings were a pain to lap in. I have lapped in at least 15 sets of scope rings and these took the most work. If you don’t care about the rings warping your scope tube drop them on and use them. If you are picky about these things just understand you will need to take a little more time with these rings. These rings fit perfectly and are the right height for a Ruger precision rimfire with a Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18×44 with EBR-4 MOA Riflescope SE-1626. Read more

  7. Bill

    I’m extremely happy with these rings. I struggled for nearly 2 weeks if I should pay the price for precision rings or buy a set of quality non-precision ones and save a little. I went with these and I’m extremely happy I did. From my research, I found precision rings are better quality and are machined better with tighter tolerances. But, these are amazing sturdy and I feel the overall quality couldn’t be better. Then I lapped the rings myself before mounting my scope, and that solved any machining precision they lacked (if any). They may or may not have needed this, I’m not sure because I did it right away. But, either way, I have the piece of mind of knowing they are a perfect set of rings for long range precision shooting. I’d definitely recommend to a friend. Read more

  8. Chris

    Great Rings! Fits my 6-24×50 Vortex Viper HST scope well. Sits the scope just high enough off my Ruger Precision Rifle where the scope objective cap doesn’t touch the barrel guard (barely). Highly recommend these tactical rings. Read more

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