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  • make certain this fits by way of coming into your version variety.
  • the venom purple dot sight-3 moa promotes fast target acquisition at the same time as presenting a precise factor of purpose; getting photographs down variety and on the right track fast. The venom’s aluminum housing ensures this unit will stand up to something you throw at it.
  • high fine, absolutely multi-lined lenses provide a easy, extensive subject of view. Energy and dot depth controls are easily placed on the left aspect of the sight to pick between 10 brightness degrees.
  • the venom additionally has an automobile-brightness mode that makes use of an ambient mild sensor to manipulate dot intensity if the shooter prefers. Parallax free
  • 1 moa wind age and elevation modifications are first rate smooth and make sighting in a breeze. The top load machine makes converting the cr1632 battery a breeze, as you’ll now not have to remove your sight to alternate the power source.
  • the venom purple dot will suit well for your rifle or shotgun providing you with surest flexibility. O-ring seals save you moisture, dirt and debris from penetrating for dependable performance in all environments
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venom red dot — 3 moa dot (vmd-3103)

make your rifle, pistol, or shotgun even better with the venom crimson dot sight. A 3 moa dot promotes rapid target acquisition, at the same time as supplying a precise point of purpose—getting shots down range and on target rapid.

the long lasting, machined aluminum housing ensures the unit will get up to anything you throw at it. Remarkable, absolutely multi-coated lens gives a clean, extensive subject of view. Our pinnacle-load gadget makes changing the cr 1632 battery a snap and alleviates the want to remove the sight whilst switching the electricity source. The strength and dot depth controls are simply placed on the left aspect of the unit. Flush 1 moa windage and elevation adjustments are high-quality glossy and make sighting in a breeze.

the venom comes with a picatinny mount—weighs 1. 6 ounces with mount.

3 moa dot reticle

the daylight hours shiny pink dot is straightforward to look and paints objectives irrespective of lighting fixtures conditions or history. Pick out between 10 tiers of brightness in manual mode or switch to car mode. As much as a hundred and fifty hours of use at highest putting. Use at decrease settings can permit up to 30,000 hours.

windage and elevation adjustment

the venom features adjustable elevation and windage dials with 1 moa clicks. To regulate the elevation and windage settings, flip the dials up or down or left or right as indicated through the arrows.

mounting the venom

the venom crimson dot is distributed from the factory with a low rail mount that clamps to a slotted spec base rail. Similarly to the supplied low rail mount, an elective riser mount places the venom purple dot at accurate peak for rifles.

1. Connect the low rail mount to the venom the usage of the included screws.

2. Connect the venom to the base rail, making sure the flinch lug is solidly seated inside the base groove.

three. Take a look at to peer that the clamp is completely down and hooked across the outside of the base.

four. Press the venom down and forward in the direction of the muzzle and firmly tighten base clamp screw using huge coin or flat blade screwdriver.

product description

make your rifle, pistol, or shotgun even better with the venom pink dot sight. A three or 6 moa dot promotes fast target acquisition, whilst supplying a unique factor of goal—getting pictures down range and heading in the right direction rapid.



5 reviews for Vortex optics venom crimson dot points of interest

  1. John V.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. My first firearm was a Glock 17 MOS and I took it multiple times to plate shoot competitions (at 15 yards) but I was shooting horribly with it so I put it away for a few months and was using a Tangfolio Witness Elite Match which I love and I can shoot well with it. I decided to take advantage of the MOS feature of my Glock 17 and I purchased this Vortex Venom red dot. I never shot using a red dot before so I took it to the range and used about 100 rounds to zero it first at 7 then 15 and finally at 25 yards. During the range session, I noticed that the groups were very tight at 15 yards so I decided to take it to the next plate shoot night which happened to be “Low light shooting” night. I was amazed my self at the accuracy and consistency of this targeting system. Not only I won the competition but did it undefeated and I owe it all to this red dot. I shot about 100 rounds during the competition and the zero held perfectly. Needless to say that the Glock 17 MOS with the Vortex Venom is my favorite firearm for plate shoot competition and I am going to try it for USPSA next time. Features include auto shut off (after many hours) and auto brightness of the red dot depending on the ambient light but you can also adjust the brightness from the Up/Down arrows on the side. The total height of the sight feels very low compared to some other red dots I have seen. Yet, during targeting it is very easy to see the target through the glass. Only drawback is that when I first bring the firearm up to firing position, sometimes I struggle to find the dot. Perhaps a co-witness front sight would guide me as to if I am aiming to high, too low, left or right while I am looking for the dot but when you shoot with a dot, the focus should be on the target and I am afraid that a co-witness front sight would bring my focus to it out of a habit so I am planning to use it as is for a while to see if I can start finding the dot easier. To obtain the correct screws for the Glock 17 MOS, I called Vortex at eight hundred 426-0048 x4 and I got to speak with a person immediately. I told her that I ordered the Vortex Venom and I need the screws to mount it on the Glock. She asked for my name and address and 2 days later the screws arrived in an envelope free of charge. I also attached some photos that show how to install it on a Glock 17 MOS. Overall, with great service, lifetime warranty and the same quality with red dots that cost twice as much, I believe that I got the most value from this purchase than any other accessory I have purchased do far. ███ Update 8/31/2017 – I have been using this for almost every competition I enter now and I have shot over 1000 rounds with it. Zero is still holding and did not have to adjust it since I first zeroed it. At this point I feel very confident that the hit will be where the dot is and all I have to do is make sure that the dot is on the target. ███ ███ UPDATE 4/16/2018 – Since this review, I purchased one more and installed it on my Tanfoglio Witness Elite Match 22lr conversion kit. I mounted this one using a plate from EGW and it has been working great. In the meantime I moved the once I had on my G17 to my G34 so I can use my G17 for IDPA practice with iron sights. Moving it from one Glock to the other (both are Gen 4 MOS) required no adjustment and the dot was spot on. As a matter of fact, I have not touched the adjustment screws since I first sighted it. Battery life has been fantastic, I turn it on during competitions and do not shut it off until we pack up and leave. The dot is still as bright as the first day. I have also used it in USPSA style competitions and during day time, I have no problem seeing the dot. I never do any adjustments to the brightness because the the auto brightness feature works great for both low light and day time (sunny). Just turn it on when I get there and off when done. ███ Read more

  2. John G

    Red dot shuts off when using. Fired about 90 rounds on a Springfield XDM when dot shut off. Turned it back on and it shut off after a couple of rounds. Tightened battery cover, fired a few rounds and shut off again. When through this same cycle for another 50 rounds, and gave up. Opened battery cover to replace battery and a silver plate fell out. Sent it back to Vortex for repair, received back a couple of weeks later, opened the box, tried to turn it on, no red dot (Vortex claimed they tested it after repair). Replaced the battery with a new battery, and it turned on the first time, mounted on my pistol, and it wouldn’t turn on. Loosened battery cover and it turned on. Next day getting ready to go to range, it didn’t turn on. Played with battery cover and sometimes it turned on, other times not. Sent back to Vortex for repair. I hope that they send a new one, not too pleased with the first repair. If it fails after I get it, not sure what my options may be. EDIT: My initial review was one star, have changed it to 4 stars due to manufacturer replaced the unit the second time that I sent it back for repair. I tested the new unit (150 rounds) and it worked flawlessly. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    If the dot is fuzzy it’s not the red dot that is the issue it’s your eyes. My dot looked like a huge blob, but I found out that it’s because I have astigmatism. if you get contact lenses it will help and your dot will work perfect, glasses don’t really help too much unless they are corrective lenses for astigmatism. Keep that in mind if you plan on buying this but also keep in mind only prism type optics will work without correction. How do you test it? Take a picture of your red dot, I’ll bet its a perfect circle. Onto the red dot itself. It’s very strong, I wouldnt hesitate to rack the slide on something with it. The dot holds zero after about 1000 rounds it’s still dead on. The optic is clear and perfect for dark locations. It’s bright enough to work in very bright light and the battery is easy to replace. Customer service is amazing, I called them for screws for my glock and they sent them out quick and free. You’re also talking to someone that speaks proper English. The best part is the warrantee. If anything is ever wrong they will fix it. Lifetime warrantee on something like this is priceless. I’m 100% satisfied and will continue to buy their products. 5/5 stars Read more

  4. Victor Barac

    I mounted the “Vortex” on a Canik TP9 SFX 9mm. The installation was straightforward and very simple. The boresight process was very simple and it holds boresight perfectly. I taught myself Handgun operation using iron sights shipped with the Pistol.. Out of the box sights usually, do not include a night capability. I have invested hundreds in aftermarket sights and finally bought a P229RX equipped with a red dot sight. At 60 years old, I find target acquisition to be faster with both eyes open viewing the target and placing the dot on the target. Gone are the days of squinting to obtain the perfect focus on your iron sight while the target becomes blurry. I now own four handguns with RMR’s and I judge the Vortex Venom to be the greatest value for the dollar. Read more

  5. Cheap-n-Easy

    Almost perfect. The GOOD: THis is the best combination between price and accuracy. An all around great red dot. I mounted it on my Glock 40 GEN4 MOS and its sublime! The BAD: I just dont understand why Vortex would put such an inferior battery cover on this sight? It is hard to open and harder to close when the battery is in. You really cant close it without scratching the cover since the slot where to put the screwdriver in is super shallow. Really Vortex?? I ordered a replacement as soon as I got the battery in because the cover will not last another battery exchange. IN SUMMARY: Would I buy this sight again? You bet! Any day!!! It is fantastic and much better than their Viper sight too. Read more

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