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  • the viper hs-t four-16×44 is certainly one of a couple of configurations within the viper hs-t (looking & capturing tactical) line. Vmr-1 reticle (moa) is perfect for accurate holds at prolonged ranges.
  • incorporating our top class, fully multi-covered, extra-low dispersion lenses brings fantastic resolution and coloration constancy. The xr coatings offer better mild accumulating functionality while armortek coating protects the lenses.
  • the exposed goal-style turrets are constructed for precise and repeatable finger-adjustable clicks. A crs 0 stop allows for reliable return to 0 functionality after dialing brief elevation corrections.
  • a 4x zoom affords magnification versatility at the same time as the side consciousness parallax adjustment gives top-rated picture consciousness and parallax removal. The short recognition eyepiece permits the shooter to properly modify the reticle for your eye.
  • the only-piece tube is o-ring sealed and argon purged to make sure water resistant and fogproof performance. The viper hs-t is a flexible but simple riflescope this is at domestic in a hunting, goal taking pictures, or tactical utility.
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  • can someone explian moa and mrad?
  • query: can a person explian moa and mrad? Solution: moa four clicks at 100 yards = an inch 1/10 mrad three clicks at a hundred yards = an inch moa is a finer adjustment. If you’re seeking out precision you cross moa. For pace in reaching your dial you choose mrad. By using richard addison on april nine, 2018 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (3) fall apart all solutions

  • does this include the sunshade as properly?
  • question: does this include the sunshade as nicely? Solution: hello james, this does certainly come with a sunshade. If you order with sport optics we are able to deliver this out these days for you. Please experience free to touch us with any further questions: 800-720-9625. With the aid of game optics supplier on february 14, 2017 failed to get answers. See more solutions (3) disintegrate all answers

  • at what magnification are sub tentions correct?
  • question: at what magnification are sub tentions correct? Solution: 18 power. If at nine electricity the sub-tensions are doubled. By way of a&jbustle on february 20, 2016 failed to get solutions. See greater answers (three) disintegrate all solutions

  • is it 30 mm tube
  • question: is it 30 mm tube answer: sure via james shepard on january 27, 2017 crumble all solutions


    4-16×44, 6-24×50


    VMR-1 (MOA), VMR-1 (MRAD)

    8 reviews for Vortex optics viper hs-t 2nd focal plane riflescopes

    1. Amazon Customer

      Researched which would be the best scope to put on my Ruger Precision Rifle and this name came up. Debated between the HS-T and the PS-T and decided to go with the HS-T just to save a little cash and didn’t think I would ever use the illuminated scope which came down to be the only difference between the two and man was it the right decision!! Love this scope! After bore sighting only took about 15 rounds to be dialed in at 200 yards! Would highly recommend this product!! Will for sure be buying more Vortex products in the future for more of my rifles! 10/10 score! Read more

    2. Mauricio Faivre

      I installed it on my all weather Savage 116 Trophy Hunter 270 Win and what a difference it made, one thing you need to know is my rifle weaver mounts ate about 40 of the 65 MOAs when zeroing the scope, I had to purchase a weaver 20 MOA rail base and zeroed again, now I have 45 MOAs left for use which ballistically allows you to fire Winchester 130 grain ballistic silver tips to 1300 yards, for me that’s all I need, and the greatest value is the Vortex lifetime warranty, you can’t beat this deal, highly recommended!! Read more

    3. Clay C.

      Very nice scope. Goes on a 338 Lapua. The MOA adjustments are perfect and distinct and always puts the bullet exactly where I expected. Its what I call the low end of the very good (high dollar) scopes. Affordable yet you can take it to a competition and be competitive with the guys that has the 2k high end scopes. You wont be disappointed. Read more

    4. Carl Cloer

      I purchased the scope with VMR-1 MOA reticle. I own several older model Vortex scopes and this HS-T is typical of the quality you get for the money, although I must admit (and docked Vortex one star for it), I am a bit miffed after spending over $600 for the scope, that they want to gouge me for another $10 for a customized Dope Disk for the flip-up lens covers I also purchased to protect the glass. COME ON MAN, you should GIVE us one free when we register the scope and/or show proof of purchase for the lens cover! Anyway, the glass is pretty good…gathers light well although I would have preferred that they offered it in 56mm instead of 50mm…some chromatic aberration and somewhat fuzzy around the edges at 24 power but the center remains crisp and clear. The windage and elevation turrets are nice and crisp with very positive tactile feedback as well as visual reference fiber optic radius bar assist for fast, full turns for long distance shooting. On my .308 M1A Supermatch, using the wide, six hole Vortex tactical rings, the scope is holding zero with no issues. The zero stop, return-to-zero setup is a bit of a chore using shims on the elevation turret, but works and is repeatable without going off scope, with some practice. All in all, with the warranty, a good investment and well worth the money if, like me, you spent all of your money on the rifle and can’t afford the Nightforce to hang on it! 🙂 UPDATE 12/8/18 11 months after purchase. First of all the scope quality is as above, no complaints with that, My problem is I am a hunter and find that the reticle on this FFP scope is just too thin and hard to see on medium to low power at first and last light, especially during the first and last 30 minutes of light, so this scope is coming off my 300WM hunting rifle and will go on a 308 target rifle, replaced with a Nightforce I couldn’t afford last year (and still can’t)… Read more

    5. John Shoup

      Very good optic and arguably the best you can get for the money. Clarity is awesome up to 20x and slightly fuzzy at 24x. This is compared side by side to my nightforce nxs 5 5-22×56. Clicks are crisp, exposed turrets, reticle and zero stop are nice. Great combo for a hunting rifle you wanna be competitive with at the range. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Tracks well and has ok clarity. two issues I have had with it though are that I cannot get the parallax to work effectively (an issue I have not had with other brands) and I have to adjust my cheek over an inch forward and backward depending on which power I have the scope (also an issue I have never had in the past). I am probably going to reach out to vortex and see if this is standard for these scopes but I was hoping for a little more quality for the price. Read more

    7. Dan Pierce

      Sighted out to 300 yards flawless, great product. Holds zero. I highly suggest this to anyone who is content with 300 yards. The problem that I have is not a product issue, I am wanting to reach out further now. Next, optic will be a first focal plane reticule, more than likely it will be the Vortex PST Gen II. Read more

    8. Greg L.

      So far, so good. Build quality is excellent, glass is crisp, both turrets and the parralax and focus knobs spin freely but with good tight feel and positive clicks. Assuming you have zeroed your rifle, if you get a ballistic app on your phone and work your load, adjustments can be done instantly on the fly with this scope with no caps to remove or screwdrivers, etc. as the turrets are tactical style. All of this makes for a good optic. Read more

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