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  • the viper 6. Five-20×44 is constructed on a 30mm important tube with a tough anodized end supplying a rugged, difficult hunting riflescope. The dead-hold bdc reticle is right for any hunting or shooting at varying ranges where estimating maintain-over could be a concern.
  • incorporating our premium, completely multi-covered, more-low dispersion lenses brings first-rate decision and colour fidelity. The xr coatings provide stronger light amassing capability whilst armortek coating protects the lenses.
  • capped reset turrets allow brief re-indexing of the turret to zero after sighting within the riflescope. Aspect knob parallax alter lets in brief and smooth parallax changes with range numbers seen whilst in the taking pictures function.
  • the quick attention eyepiece allows for quick and easy reticle focusing while the mag-bar lets in rapid, smooth changes in magnification.
  • the viper 6. Five-20×44 riflescope is good for long variety, predator/varmint, and target applications. O-ring sealed and argon purged, the viper affords fogproof and water-proof overall performance.
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designed and engineered for those who need it all—power, sturdiness, and xr completely multi-covered lenses for splendid mild transmission. That is why 12 months after yr, accomplished hunters have come to rely upon this strong performer. Just choose your reticle and a gap behind the shoulder. Done.




Deadhold-BDC (MOA)

8 reviews for Vortex optics viper parallax adjustment second focal plane riflescopes

  1. Drew

    You can’t get a better deal than this viper. Already stretched out to 1000 yards with my 270 with ease. This is the best scope I own. Read more

  2. Konrad

    When I see a one star review given on a rifle scope because some knucklehead does not know how to mount or shim a rifle optic I have to say I get a bit miffed. Especially because Vortex will fix or replace anything which is wrong with anything they sell. All it takes is a phone call or a an email. It’s the same with Amazon. You get a whole month to return whatever you bought. I will now quit my little tirade to say that this optic is simply outstanding. For the price, this is an incredible . Great glass, superb quality, just outstanding. Can’t recommend it enough. Unless, Of course, one does not know I did away wit, Of course, one does not know Diddly and about optics, either mounting them or using them. There is another ninja operator complaining and that he whore she can’t get a decent focus at 20 power inside of 50 yards…why would you buy a 20x mil dot reticle–or any mil dot reticle–to shoot at a target 50 yards away? Maybe they were confused and thought they were in the airsoft department Read more

  3. Troy E. Wiegand

    This is a very nice scope. I have it mounted to my Remington 700 SPS Varmint. Holds zero well. Crystal clear image and no hazing around the edges at high magnification. I actually feel that this scope gives better performance than the much more expensive Nikon Monarch or Luepold models. Great scope. solidly built. Read more

  4. Guardrail

    I am now hooked on Vortex scopes, I am a firm believer that they just can’t be beat. The clarity of this scope is just unbelievable. As soon as I place my cheek on the stock I have an instant clear view. The eye relief is just phenomenal. This thing is more like a telescope than a rifle scope, yea, I am not kidding. This has serious glass in it, just as good or better than Leupold at an unbeatable price. No one can top the Vortex warranty, no one. It is extremely well packaged. Be sure to get the Vortex mounting rings and the Vortex inch/lbs torque wrench unless you already have torque wrench. This scope is top quality, it is the second one I have gotten in a month. It will not be the last. Don’t hesitate, try a Vortex. You will not be disappointed. Good luck and happy hunting. Read more

  5. AJ Ringler

    Absolutely amazed by this scope. Mounted it on my Remington 700 SPSV chambered in 308. I sighted it in once, it tracked great. It has been a couple hundred rounds and still holds zero like a champ. I set my rifle up for 1000 yards, but haven’t gotten to a place to shoot over 200 yet. Keeps me well within MOA. This is my 4th vortex, and at this point I’m doubting ill be buying any other brand again. Read more

  6. Eric Carr

    I bought a Vortex prismatic scope for my M400 and was very impressed with the performance to cost. So I bought this scope for a R1/.308 I am equally as pleased. Exceptionally clear optics, reliable and easy adjustments. Eye relief and field of view are outstanding. Holds zero. Just can’t see spending more when Vortex provides such a great product at these costs. Read more

  7. Tommy

    Phenomenal scope foe the money,I picked mine up on sale for way under what’s is going for in most places,I couldn’t be happier great glass, great features at this price point,solid built,put on my browning western hunter in 300 prc, holds zero, easy to zero,mil dots subsections hold true out to 500 yards, I have had tons of scopes from low end to very high end,night force,leupold mark 5 hd, etc. And yes this scope isn’t in there zone but st this price gow could you do better and a no questions asked lifetime warranty, I hunt and long range target shoot,if you are a major competitor or in Afghanistan fighting sure pay the big bucks and go with a 2000 or 3000+ scope it makes sense but if your like me and hunt elk,white tail and targets this scope is everything plus what you could ever need or want.. Read more


    Good scope for the price. I purchased it for my Remington 700 tactical .308. I usually go with nikon but you can’t beat the Vortex warranty and for the magnification the comparable nikons were over $100 more and I’m on a tight budget for this build and after reading the reviews I decided to give it a shot. The scope works well got it zeroed in quickly and has held so far I have made some sub moa groups, the the turrets are cool work good I like how once you zero your scope you can set that at zero. I actually contacted vortex customers support to ask a question for what hiegth scope rings should i get for my set up (weaver 20moa picatinny rail with low 30mm 6 bolt rings) their support team is A+++++ supper fast response and exactly what I needed to know plus some recommendations. The only reason I didn’t give the scope a five star was the clarity of the scope is not as good as the nikon, it’s great up to 16x but past that it starts to suffer I tried playing with the eye relief and parallax but can’t keep it perfect past 16x and I question the true magnification my 4x12x42 nikon prostaff pretty much looks out just as far. There’s an old barn about a mile out past the river valley from my property and the Vortex just barely brings it in closer than the nikon of significantly lower magnification so in hind sight I could have got the cheaper nikon and had basically as much scope. But like I said the warranty, turrets, and customer service make the scope worth buying, plus the clarity isn’t bad just not better than Nikon. Read more

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