Weaver 48024 top mount aluminum scope base, black, 24, savage mark ii

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  • imported
  • product of the best nice substances
  • searching scopes mounts
  • any other best bushnell product
  • pinnacle mount aluminum base
  • machined to tight tolerances for a custom match
  • for detachable and adjustable rings
  • aluminum bases offer most power for jewelry to keep tight

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product description

weaver savage mrk ii 48024 pinnacle mount scope base-24 gloss black aluminum. Looking scopes mounts. Made from the best first-rate substances. Product of the highest fine materials. Product of the very best satisfactory materials. Another great bushnell product. This product is synthetic in usa.

8 reviews for Weaver 48024 top mount aluminum scope base, black, 24, savage mark ii

  1. Daniel R. Bissell

    Savage Mark II = the model 24. I bought 2 for the front and back thinking my scope would span the gap. Not even close. I mounted the scope behind the ejector allowing for almost perfect eye relief for target shooting. Couldn’t be any happier with the alignment of the rails and the barrel. May have gone with the 1 pc w/ejector relief cut into it if I would have studied more, but this will do fine. Read more

  2. Rez Exelon

    Was in the market for some way to get a scope of my Nephew’s Savage Mark 2 and came across these, ordered 2, and had the scope on in about half and hour. Great fit and finish, and so far no problems that are the fault of this product. Some things to keep in mind. Like the picture shows, the order is for 1 mount and two screws. So go ahead and order two 😀 The clear plastic baggies that these come in have a label that says something like “front mount” yada yada yada. They are the exact same front and back, so when you order two and they are both labeled “front” (or back, I can’t remember which it said) then have no fear. Remember these will not work to mount dovetail! The scope I bought (a nothing-fancy Center Point) came with dovetail rings, but I had a spare set of Weaver to swap them out with. Cheers Read more

  3. Tom S

    I bought 2 to mount a scope on a Savage MK II and they worked fine. I thought the mounts were going to be much longer according to the image. They are 7/8 in. long. I thought the extra length might be good for eye relief. Having said that, they worked out just fine. Read more

  4. Jason

    I got size 24 for my savage mark 2 and the fit over receiver and barrel was good and screws were all correct size. Add little blue Locktite and all set. Read more

  5. m

    I ordered TWO of these, size 24, for my Savage MK II F. They fit perfectly and the screws didn’t need to be shaved like they apparently do for the size 16, which also fits. Made out of aluminum, so they are light but feel very solid. Read more

  6. Barneys

    These are true Weaver bases,and come in factory sealed packages. Perfect fit for Savage MK II. Extremely happy. Read more

  7. KyleMoore

    Mounted 2 of these on my Savage Mark II .22LR. They mounted up with no issues. I threw a little locktite on the mounts and haven’t had any issue with them breaking loose or moving. I used Burris Zee rings on them, and they fit perfect. Good little mounts. I plan on putting them on my Ruger 10/22 this week as well. Read more

  8. cwglindn

    Works great on a Savage Mark II for scope mounts. Buy 2. The screws on one were a little long on the front of the Savage and we had to trim them down so it would not interfere with the bolt. Check your installation to see if the screws go through the metal mount. Read more

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