Weaver 6-hole 1-inch excessive picatinny jewelry

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  • make sure this suits by way of entering your model variety.
  • diameter: 1 inch
  • top: high
  • finish: matte
  • advanced crossbolt from weaver to picatinny spec
  • six screws for extra security and clamping pressure
  • type-three tough coat anodized finish
  • boom peak options for extensive packages and firearms
  • available in 1″ and 30mm diameters

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product description

weaver famous six hollow tactical rings simply were given the picatinny remedy. These jewelry function the equal six screws for maximum protection and clamping pressure but get extreme improvements for le and military use. An progressed picatinny crossbolt layout (from weaver to picatinny spec), type iii tough coat anodized finish, no strip/slip torx screws and an accelerated range of height options make those 6-hole earrings the pass-to mounts for all tactical precision rifles. Specifications: – diameter: 1 inch – top: high – end: matte.

8 reviews for Weaver 6-hole 1-inch excessive picatinny jewelry

  1. noproblemo

    There is nothing fancy about these rings; they are simple and robust and not too heavy. Mounted on an LR-308 they have a badazz techno look. As others have mentioned, the height of these “high” rings is equivalent to the height of other manufacturer’s “low” rings, so be fore warned. Weaver also makes x-high and xx-high rings per their web pages. They are made in the USA. For many users on an AR Picatinny rail, these rings would be too low; for me and the cheek rest on the stock I am using, the fit is just right. Beware of quick-disconnect rings that have springs in the bottom of the rings, as the spring holes weaken the rings at those points. Price-wise, these sit between the low prices of Chinese-manufactured rings and the high prices of premium manufacturers. These may be a great value compared to cheaper rings that break or can’t hold zero. Read more

  2. Amazon User

    This doesn’t fit my Savage 110 Tactical chambered in .308. The rail is the exact size I need but the screws are too small for the holes in the action on the rifle and the screws from the rifle are too large to fit in the holes on the rail. it is a nice quality though. Read more

  3. Click Bang

    Flawless….. Nikon 6X30X50 Mounted on a .338 Lapua Magnum…. The cap clears the hand guard by 1/16 inch… Read more

  4. R. Beach

    Used these on a Vortex Crossfire scope on an American Rimfire with a weaver base. Quality rings at a great price. Read more

  5. dmac

    These are great rings, reasonably priced. Only off a couple thousands. Minimal clean up lapping. The Picatinny crossbolts make for a superior fit. Read more

  6. D & C Wietor

    Item arrived quickly and packaged well. Constructed very well and have an excellent finish. The 6 torxs screws per mount are a plus and hold the scope very securely. I used these to mount a scope with a 40mm objective lens to a bolt action rifle. Based on some research I opted for the high rings instead of the medium ones and they were perfect. The scope sits about as low as I could possibly want it. Read more

  7. Kevin

    42mm scope and clears rail perfectly. Lots of clamping force, lapped nicely. Read more

  8. Anthony E

    Gave the clearance needed to mount 50 mm scope. The six screws per ring should hold the scope securely without excessive pressure on the scope tube. Read more

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