Weaver base pinnacle mount

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  • manufactured from the very best pleasant substances
  • looking scopes mounts
  • some other pleasant bushnell product
  • pinnacle mount aluminum base
  • machined to tight tolerances for a custom fit
  • for detachable and adjustable earrings
  • aluminum bases offer most strength for rings to maintain tight
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product description

weaver browning 1885/remington 30 48011 pinnacle mount base-11 gloss black aluminium. Looking scopes mounts. Manufactured from the highest excellent substances


11, 16, 18, 19, 20A, 23, 25, 26, 30, 31, 35, 43, 45, 46, 47, 54, 55, 57, 61, 68, 75, 81, 93A, 95, 403


Gloss Black

8 reviews for Weaver base pinnacle mount

  1. Russell M.

    My muzzleloader has various sets of holes. Some are half an inch apart, others are 9/16″ apart. This fit the 1/2″ apart holes. I wish that Weaver had a chart that just gave things like dimensions instead of an outdated chart of what firearm models it fit in 2012. It really is frustrating trying to find the right part by mail, rather than trudging to a specialty shop. But this was cheap, and it fit. Read more

  2. Adam

    First off, the people who said this rail would fit a Mossberg 464 spx are incorrect. The size 11 does not line up with either the front or rear holes of the Mossberg. This is the product that comes up when searching for Weaver 403 rails. It just doesn’t fit. Waste if time. Maybe selecting a different size like a 15 might work idk but the reviews said this would work. Nope! Read more

  3. Ben P.

    It was a bit of a guessing game to figure out this was the mount I needed for my rifle. Once I got it figured out, the mounting process was a snap. Be sure to use a little dab of gunsmith grade thread lock compound. Combined with the 1″ Weaver rings I bought, I did not have to lap or adjust the rings to get a true mount alignment for my scope. That’s a first! Read more

  4. Tylor

    Weaver base 403, quantity 2 for my 464 spx. Perfect fit and well made Read more

  5. A. Smith

    I knew I needed the 403A weaver base for my rifle. I just didn’t know what it looked like. So I ordered this product. I was expecting 2 of them as shown in the picture. Just a tip, the picture presented on the page is not a picture of the 403A mount. So don’t be surprised when a different looking mount arrives. It does not come in a pair, only 1 403A base per order. Search “Weaver 403 base” on the internet for a valid picture. I reported this picture to amazon but they concluded that no change was needed. On to the product: The item itself is glossy black and comes with 2 screws. When mounting this base to you rifle keep the original screws that came with the rifle (hard to replace)!! It fits well on my mossberg 464 with no movement. The longer replacement screws fit perfectly. Read more

  6. Ken blevins

    Mounting screws just fall thru base.Will Not grip anywhere Website to ask questions Cannot be found using the search engine Product Useless to me Wasted money and time Read more

  7. A. Brown

    The mounting holes lined up perfectly for my Stoeger M3500. I just had to modify the top rail to get the scope to mount. There are only two top cutouts, one at the very front and one at the back. My scope was not long enough for the mounting bolts to reach the two cutouts, so I had to cutout my own third slot. But works fine after that. Read more

  8. Mitch Falat

    Weaver has been making these mounts for a long time and they do a great job. But the reason that I took it down on star was that I wish they said that their was only one top mount per package. So by time I got the mount in (Prime Account 2 day shipping) was great. But I had to order a second one and it was not offered in Prim and had to wait about three weeks form when I ordered the first one. And having to wait to sight in your new rifle and scope is all held up by a little mound is very frustrating. Read more

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