Weaver grand slam lever lok pinnacle 1-inch medium mount rings

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  • make sure this suits by using entering your model quantity.
  • ring diameter: 1 inch
  • top: medium
  • cloth: steel
  • brief detach feature
  • without difficulty detaches and re-mounts with out gear
  • the reliable weaver move lock design allows for relaxed tight fit in your preferred rifle
  • stable metal production
  • designed for scopes having a 1” tube
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product description

weaver grand slam lever lok top mount earrings provide the quick detach function makes this ring a perfect desire for the serious hunter on the cross. This durable, reliable ring easily detaches and re-mounts with out gear so that you can shield your optics whilst journeying on your next hunt. The reliable weaver move lock design allows for at ease, tight healthy for your preferred rifle. With solid metal construction, you may relaxation confident that this ring will carry out inside the warmness of the quest. Our rings can take care of any scope-mounting need. Whether or not you are searching out our traditional weaver’s unique pass-lock top mount, windage adjustable or dovetail extension rings; we’ve got many tremendous options. These jewelry are to be had in a variety of choices inclusive of aircraft-grade aluminum alternatives or grand slam metal, and lots of extra.


Gloss Black, Matte Black

4 reviews for Weaver grand slam lever lok pinnacle 1-inch medium mount rings

  1. Bruce E. Layne

    These would be five star rings but the purchasing process is infuriating. It’s not just Weaver and it’s not just this product page. There is no industry standard for the height measurement. That’s bad enough, but most of the product pages, like the ones for the various Weaver rings, have no information about the height either. All we can do is look at the picture of the rings, hope they are showing the actual rings they’re selling and not a generic image for every size in the same model, and guess. I was mounting a Weaver handgun scope with a 28mm eyepiece and objective (35.6mm outer diameter) on a CP33 pistol with a full length rail and very low profile fiberoptic sights. I’d guess that low rings should work for such a small scope, but these Medium rings looked low (they are), so I ordered the Medium. Once I get the rings and scope, I learn that Medium is way too low, and Weaver’s High rings are slightly too low as well, so I need Extra High rings to mount a tiny handgun scope. This is why I have a box full of rings that are too low. I’m starting to suspect this is an industry scam to sell twice as many rings. Data Missing From This Product Page (and slightly wrong on Weaver’s website): When mounted to a Picatinny rail, the bottom of the Weaver Medium rings are .201″ from the top of the rail. Hopefully, that will keep you from buying a set of rings you don’t need. If the chart on Weaver’s site is relatively accurate, the bottom of their High rings should be .364″ above the top of the rail and the Extra High rings should be .592″ above the rail. If you’re just guessing about which Weaver rings you need, I’d guess Extra High. Instead of tossing these in my junk box and rewarding the lack of information that the buyer needs, I’m sending these back to Amazon this time. Read more

  2. Tobrew

    Good rings and design, I purchased these for my 444 marlin to use with a Burris 3x9x42mm full field II scope. The plan is to use the scope and have quick release rings for access to the factory buck horns. The scope fit well but too low for the buck horns. I had to remove the rear factory sight to fit the scope. There are no specs to go off of for height so it is a guessing game. I mounted the rings and used my scope alignment kit and the points of the bars aligned perfect. For now the scope went on. I found a scope chart on Weaver’s web site posted below. I will update this post with more info soon. Ring Size Saddle Height Fits Objective Lens Size 1″ LOW 0.089 THRU 38MM 1″ MEDIUM 0.169 THRU 40MM 1″ HIGH 0.332 THRU 44MM 1″ EXTRA HIGH 0.560 THRU 50MM 1″ SEE-THRU 0.750 THRU 50MM 30MM LOW 0.288 THRU 33MM 30MM HIGH 0.500 THRU 44MM 1″ TIP-OFF 0.25 THRU 36MM 1″ TIP-OFF SEE-THRU 0.750 THRU 50MM Note: Chart applies to Grand Slam, Sure Grip, Detachable, Quad Lock, and Lever Lok Rings. “These measurements are from the flat part of the ring that touches the top of the Weaver rail to the bottom of the saddle for the scope. I verified the measurements with calipers on my rings of mediums at .170, hope this helps” Read more

  3. Jim

    These things are great! Well made, fit and finish are good, and are solid as a rock. All steel construction and clever lever locks make sure that your scope isn’t going anywhere. I don’t know the country of origin as it is not listed on the package anywhere and in this case, I don’t care. I assume China, but these are as well made as any rings I have ever bought for three times the money. For maximum satisfaction with this item, or any item bought off the internet, READ THE REVIEWS AND Q/A’s!!! I can’t stress this enough. If there are any real problems with something, chances are, someone has already mentioned them and you can base your purchase accordingly. These rings are a prime example of this. As great as they are, they are listed as “MEDIUM RINGS”. They are not and a 40mm scope will never mount with them. I used these to mount a 32mm Vortex scout scope on an M1A. There is just enough room between the scope and the gun that I am satisfied that they will not touch but even a 36mm scope would not work with these rings. Not a problem as long as you do your homework. The best part is that these rings set me back $22 and they are every bit the equivalent of the same Burris or Vortex rings that cost three times that number. Read more

  4. Jayson L.

    These are great mounts. They are solidly built and certainly worthy of a price tag much higher than $25. Be warned, however, that these MEDIUM mounts are every other manufacturer’s LOW mounts (would love to see some standardization in this part of the industry). More on that now… I have used a number of different mounts, and I have generally had a lot of luck with other Weaver products. So when I was looking for an inexpensive set of mounts to use on an inexpensive rifle (Ruger 10/22 Carbine), these fit the bill. As I mentioned, these were used on a Ruger 10/22 Carbine (standard barrel, wood stock and using the Weaver/tip-off mount included from the factory) to mount a Vortex Crossfire II 3-9×40 scope (Awesome scope for the money). When I initially attached the mounts, they went on quickly and felt very secure when they were tightened down. However, when I noticed how low the mounts were, I became concerned about the clearance between the objective bell of the scope, and the rear flip-up sight. As soon as I mounted the scope, my fears were immediately realized, as the scope could not be mounted without interference from the rear flip-up sight. This was remedied by removing the rear sight, but for those of you planning to use these on a Ruger 10/22 (with rear sights), you’ve been warned… Also important to note, is this clearance issue appears to vary among scopes. For instance, when I mounted a Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 3-9×40 (essentially the same size scope), I did not have any clearance issues with the rear sight. Based on the merits of price, quality, brand, materials, etc., these mounts are worthy of a 5-star rating. I wish they were a bit taller and fit my rifle and scope a little better without modification, but those are issues separate from the product. For those of you planning to mount these on a 10/22, I hope this review was helpful. Read more

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