Wheeler engineering movement rod with one-piece aluminum production and steel contact layout and locking mechanism for wellknown gunsmithing and meeting, black, one size

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  • ensure this suits by means of getting into your model number.
  • dimensions: 12. 25″ l x 1. 25″ w x 2. 25″ d
  • ease of use: inserts into the higher a part of gun and capabilities the same manner as a bolt and locks into a widespread barrel extension to make sure a stable in shape and to prevent barrel deformation
  • versatility: may be used horizontally and vertically to align gun parts, or for universal renovation and assembly
  • durable: frame is constructed of aluminum to ensure no damage is achieved to the receiver whilst working and the bolt interface is heavy-responsibility steel to ensure a stable connection within the barrel extension
  • revolutionary: functions a bolt interface twist lock for a strong connection and 4 flat aspects for use in a vise

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from the producer

wheeler makes high great gunsmithing equipment for each sort of firearm. With a large choice of expert screwdrivers and wrenches, wheeler is engineered to healthy the job.

engineered to in shape the process

geared for exceptional modifications, wheeler screwdrivers carry accuracy to your gunsmithing substances.

from scope bases to alignment kits, wheeler gives the optic add-ons to maintain you on target.

wheeler delta series tools are designed to deliver a level of superiority to your gunsmithing bench.

product description

do not worry about a bad connection or dropping greater portions with the wheeler engineering movement rod. This solid, one-piece device is ideal for any gunsmithing task on your higher receiver. The tool is constructed of aluminum, with a stable steel bolt interface end and a twist lock mechanism that guarantees a sturdy lock within the higher. The motion rod functions a gasoline tube alignment pen and flat surface that continues the dust cover open when inserted. The other quit of the tool has a flat floor on all 4 aspects that permits to be used in a vise block and secures the lock from twisting at the same time as you are running. The wheeler engineering motion rod is an modern and flexible tool that might be the precise addition to any paintings bench.

8 reviews for Wheeler engineering movement rod with one-piece aluminum production and steel contact layout and locking mechanism for wellknown gunsmithing and meeting, black, one size

  1. C. Lunn

    The design is great and the build quality seems good but the quality control needs work. When I received mine it would not fit into any upper. After taking it completely apart, I found that the hole for the steel insert was not machined square causing the lugs to be timed incorrectly in relation to the top of the tool. A simple way to fix this is to remove the top of the tool that was designed to fit into the top of the upper. This product would be great if they figured out the quality side. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    very disappointing, the lugs and locking feature are horribly out of spec and misaligned. Wouldn’t work with any AR tried. Read more

  3. Brad

    This feels like a quality piece, and the design is great. Unfortunately, the machining is off enough that the timing of the barrel extension male insert doesn’t match the top piece that secures this product inside of the receiver. The end result is that the action rod cannot be fully inserted and locked into the barrel extension without removing the top piece. This modification does work, but one of the major importances of using a tool like this is to put the stress of torquing a barrel nut onto the top piece rather than the barrel extension index pin. Read more

  4. Schluterville

    Having read many reviews about it not fitting other users rifles, I am very perplexed as it worked great for me. Being the only product available overnight (or even available for that matter) I chose this reaction rod. Of course Geissele and Midwest are the standards in the industry but they weren’t available. I used it to remove and install a muzzle device from an AR15 Daniel defense DDM4 MK12. The gas key alignment rod is held in place with a simple O-ring which I removed as it was not necessary for the work I was doing and I recommend doing so otherwise it is easy to lose the O- ring, perhaps in the grease of the upper receiver which would later induce a malfunction, just get it out-of-the-way if you are not fitting a barrel. Like the Geissele super reaction rod or Midwest URR this too has a sail to align it with the upper receiver and eliminate the risk of sharing the barrel nut pin. Construction is aluminum and for a professional armorer this probably isn’t the right product but for an gun enthusiast it is absolutely sufficient. I particularly like that the barrel lugs lock it in place as this avoids any risk of pulling it off of the reaction rod. Two thumbs up! I just wish it were made in the United States. Read more

  5. Brian B

    Bottom-line if you intend to use this frequently or prefer high-quality tools even if used infrequently, then I’d get the Midwest Industries action rod or another higher quality item. This action rod is made out of aluminum and it’s hard to see it holding up to heavy use. The quality control is also somewhat suspect because my action rod will not lock. The locking lug is held in place by a screw and I can probably adjust it a little to get the locking feature to work, but I just used it while unlocked and didn’t have any issues when torquing down a barrel nut. It’s functional, better than a plastic receiver block, and the price isn’t bad, so it gets 4 stars from me. Read more

  6. fox

    You can’t beat Wheeler Products. You just can’t. There have been a few Wheeler items I’ve ordered through Amazon instead of directly through Wheeler that have had some minor issues, but I’ve always gone directly to Wheeler, even for their items bought through their resellers and they have not only quickly and efficiently taken care of me but have always sent me out a completely whole brand new part/item direct from the factory. In the case of this action rod, the top guide did not fit into any of my uppers. They sent me an entirely whole new action rod that worked, so the great thing about Wheeler is that you don’t have to go through Amazon because the manufacturer will always be there to support your claims. Period. End of story. Read more

  7. david richardson

    I got it opened and the lock stuck first thing than it didn’t fit my ar and I thought I bought the wrong caliber rod but no it is canted. The lugs only fit when I removed the sail then the worst happened it stayed locked in my barrel extension the lock must have broke somewhere along the line and it’s just stuck in my 11.5 bcm. The nob turned now but still no movement and I just shook it till it fell out a few minutes later, pure luck. I have no idea how you could get it out if it did not fall free its not like you could take off the barrel and unlock it. Do not buy Read more

  8. Mike G

    There are some reviews stating that the locking feature doesn’t work. Which was true with mine when it first showed up. The teeth just wouldn’t go into the receiver far enough to engage the barrel. I found somewhere in a forum post a comment about the alignment block attached to the top, preventing it from going in all the way. Sure enough, I removed that piece and now it works great! If I need that alignment feature, I would probably just cut an eight or quarter inch off the end and try again. Read more

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