Winchester by way of daisy outdoor products 4 x 32 ao winchester scope (black, four x 32)

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  • ensure this suits via coming into your version wide variety.
  • four x 32 with adjustable goal
  • adjustable for windage and elevation
  • cross-hair reticle
  • fogproof, shockproof and colour corrected
  • daisy great and reliablility for unequalled accuracy
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4×32 air rifle scope with adjustable goal

that is a complete sized scope with 1” frame tube this is quality applicable for an person airgun or rimfire rifle.


  • 4×32 ao air rifle scope
  • adjustable goal
  • fully adjustable for windage and elevation
  • fog-proof and surprise resistant
  • mounting hardware is blanketed
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    Camo Model 35

    8 reviews for Winchester by way of daisy outdoor products 4 x 32 ao winchester scope (black, four x 32)

    1. Jon

      I have two of these, and will probably by a third one. Why do I like them so much? They just keep doing the job, no fuss, no muss. I have one on my Crosman Model 760, and the other on my Crosman Model 1322 short carbine. I’m old with crappy eyesight, and ome scopes just will not adjust to give me both a clear target AND clear cross hairs. These two give me clarity all the time. They have fairly thin, no frills cross hairs. Nothing fancy, but they do the job. It’s great having an adjustable objective too, and they will adjust very close, even for 5 yard BB guns. Having said all this, I have never used them on a magnum level break barrel. I did try the Winchester 2×7 AO airgun scopeon my older Crosman Phantom, and something internal stripped on one of the adjusters. That gun will beat up a cope, make it slide in the mounts unless a scope stop pin mount is used. Thst scope did let me down. Read more

    2. jeepmanjr

      Put this scope on a Gamo Varmint Hunter rifle. After firing around 15 times the reticle (crosshairs) began to turn clockwise. After about 20 or so shots i was no longer looking at a traditional “+”, but rather something that more resembled an “X”. Seemed to still hold a zero, but unacceptable nevertheless. I contacted Winchester, they replied within the hour. They thought the reticle had been improperly installed, emailed me a shipping label and an RMA form with instructions to return it. Was a super easy process. While the scope only gets one star, I wish I could five stars to Winchester (Daisy) for their outstanding customer service. Should the replacement suffer the same fate I will update this review. Just got an email from (Daisy) Winchester saying it will take 2-4 weeks to fulfill this warranty. What the….. Somehow I’m beginning to feel a little less enthusiastic about this company. Read more

    3. Steampunk

      This is a GREAT scope, for the money. Maybe I have to adjust it every 300 rounds. Mostly I don’t. Seems to be able to handle the recoil of a 1200FPS Remington just fine. Nice big lenses let in a LOT of light, so shooting at twilight is not an issue. Nice, clear view to the target. With my failing eyesight, I score Marksman to Sharpshooter from 30 yards, no problem. At this price, you’re getting a good quality item. I have 2, I liked the first one so much. LOCTITE THE SCREWS. Read more

    4. aat

      Ordered as a replacement for my GAMO Whisper air rifle as the original scope did not hold zero and there was no way to adjust it. The scope was delivered in short time. Thank you for Amazon! Mounted on the air rifle. Leveled it. Torqued with 12 in/lbs. The very first group was 1/4 inches at 12 yards. Got excited! Started zeroing and there the issues started to crop up. Groups (3-shot) started to open up as I adjusted in 16 clicks. After 20 shots the groups started to open really up. I could not get a better group than 2 inches. After five attempts – I gave up. It doesn’t hold zero. Returning. Read more

    5. Surfing Jerry

      I don’t have a lot of prior experience with scopes, but this was really a lot nicer than I expected, at least for the price. I mounted this with the included rings to a Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston .177 caliber air rifle. I also have a Crosman Shockwave Nitro Piston .22 caliber air rifle. Other than some minor differences in the stocks, and of course the caliber, these guns are identical. I would guess that most, if not all, Crosman NP receivers/piston housing will be the same. That said, the rings easily fit the dovetail. The problem with the included rings is that they lack a scope stop. After just a couple shots, I can see that the rings have scooted backwards. Yes, I did tighten them and even used blue Loc-tite. I ordered replacement Crosman Centerpoint rings which have a scope stop, so hopefully that will be the end of that. I was pleasantly surprised that both lens covers are see though, with the foreward cover having a yellow tint. I guess this is typical, but I didn’t know. it took me a while to sight it in, but that is more on me than any problem with the scope. I had to dial it pretty far, but barrel droop was not a problem for me. Factor into the price having to replace the rings for a springer/np. They seem reasonably usable for a pcp or multi-pump like the 760 Pumpmaster. Read more

    6. Brian

      This scope pairs well with the Daisy 880 or similar. Toss the rings that come with it and use some decent ones to save a bunch of hassle in the long run. 880 + this scope + good rings gives you a fully capable pest controller/wood walker for around $100 total. Read more

    7. Ottomac

      Well I put this scope on one of my A. rifles as a stopgap until I could get the scope I really wanted. After getting her dialed in I have come to the conclusion that this was the scope I really wanted! It’s clear, has nice recticles and my gun is a tack driver. This is a great scope for the money. Read more

    8. yardmanjd

      I was disappointed in the performance of this scope on my spring-type air rifle. The optics are very clear and the features of the scope are nice, but it did not seem to hold its zero on my air rifle. I would think I had it zeroed in, but the next time I would pick it up to do some more target shooting, pellets seemed to land off-zero and I had a lot of erratic flyers. Further, when changing the windage and elevation adjustments, pellets landed all over the place, and it seemed to take a long time to settle into the new adjustment point. I bought this scope due to an online review that rated it as one of the best budget scopes. It might work fine on a 22 rim-fire rifle or PCP air rifle, but I cannot recommend this scope for use on a springer. When I changed out this scope for another one on the same spring air rifle, my inconsistency problems went away. Read more

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