Worldwide navy equipment mauser k98 rifle aluminum picatinny scout scope mount, black

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anodized aluminum picatinny scout mount for mounting long eye relief scopes on m98 mauser rifles. Calls for no everlasting alteration of the rifle.

8 reviews for Worldwide navy equipment mauser k98 rifle aluminum picatinny scout scope mount, black

  1. Amazonian

    This rail fits nice and snug on my Yugo M24/47 (TR137 shop number on left side of emblem) but the set screw it came with in the front was too short to lock it down. So I just switched it with the much longer rear set screw and it locks down better but not great. Anybody know the size of these set screws and where to get them? TIA! Don’t forget to tighten the locking set screws on the very front and right side of this rail using the smaller allen wrench! I’ll give a range report later with the AIM 7X LER scope I’ve used on my Mosin 91/30 mounter on the Mauser. Read more

  2. D. Harmon

    If you don’t like the eye-straining rear (“iron”) sights on your Mauser 98K rifle, this mount is a terrific alternative. You must remove the old tangent sight (on rear, near bolt). This custom-designed Pickatinny rail then slides in nicely in a minute or less. You can then mount a modern optical telescope, electronic red-dot or holographic sight on the new rail, also in a minute or less. The new scope and rail both fasten securely. The result for me was perfect. Be careful, though. You can easily destroy the old sights or mounting location on this historic rifle, seriously reducing the rifle’s value. Pay a good gunsmith $20 and he can get the old sight out easily and safely. Read more

  3. John

    I was a bit skeptical after reading a few reviews but the price was right. The item was very simple to install. While it says no permanent alterations to your firearm, I did need to dremel out a small area for the retention nut to fit snug against the front sight frame. The front and rear elevation screws were a bit too short for them to work well, but that was a simple fix. I bought a threaded rod from Ace Hardware for $1 and cut it to size for both ends. Only disadvantage is using pliers instead of a hex key to adjust. I have no experience in gunsmithing, just a good knowledge of tools. Total cost = $18 after the threaded rod, which was long enough that I could make 2 more sets of elevation screws. Also tested out the rail size with my red dot sight which is standard weaver size, fit perfectly. Plan to get a nice scope soon. Will post pics of the work I did soon as well. Read more

  4. crawdaddct

    Product was as descibed. Instalation was easy. Tightend down nice. The only issue I see is, only one scew holding it on. Tightend up, it doesnt move, but I can see there being issues if used in a rough enviroment. I will have to give it a try deep in the woods, but I can see it getting knocked off level easy. Should be good for the gun range or other uses. Scope mounts easy and no issues bore sighting. This product makes sense, because these old German Mausers had the barrel put on by hand and a lot of them are crooked. Trying to mount on the back has been a chalege in the past. By mounting on the barrel, you dont have those issue. You just have to hope they put the rear sight on strait. To remove the rear sight, remove the small pin at the front of the sight. Then push down and back on the sight lever. It will pop off easy. Read more

  5. Dj Ryan

    Old Review…. No instructions for install. Took me a few weeks to get around to install on my German K98 rifle. The picture indicates it should come with an allen wrench and some other item. Perhaps the reason it doesn’t work on my K98 is that I am missing a part? In any case, I waited 2 weeks too long to return, so now I am stuck with a useless piece of junk. I did contact the manufacturer (Global Military Gear). They don’t return emails or calls. I have seen images on the web where these are installed on Mausers with wood on top of barrel/receiver just behind rear sight. I am not sure which those are. It seems this fits those. It certainly doesn’t fit mine at least without some extra parts. Junk. Do not waste your money. If you do buy, make sure you try to install right away just in case you need to return. New Review…. OK, I installed this in my K98. But I had to buy a couple longer set screws (ones with no head that use allen wrench to tighten). Using 2 of thoses, I dropped some loctite on them and drove them into the holes on top of rail until they were putting pressure on the base of former rear sight. This pressure keeps the rail from flipping over. They give you some of these set screws but they are just not long enough. One in the side opposite of the pivot screw might be enough, but one on the other side makes it really secure. Read more

  6. S. Morris-II

    I got this to try and put a scope on. It was simple enough push down and remove rear sight and put screw though rear sight holes. Adjust with Allen screws. But the fist problem I had was getting the scope close enough to get a full view. This meant setting the scope back as far as it would go in the mount and the rings and pushing my head forward to a very uncomfortable position. Okay so after I spent some time leveling the scope and doing a bench zeroing. I went to the range with it. The scope kept loosing zero after 1 round. The rear Allen screw kept moving. I thought it was the scope so I changed out scopes with another smaller and very reliable one off my 30-30. Same result. Only this time when I came back I took the mount off and noticed that the mount’s Allen screw had scared the sight base. So in short. It does look cool but does not function for a real shooter. The best method I found is to use an after market stock that has a scope mount built on it. The only downside is it no longer looks like an antique firearm. So the question becomes form or function. Read more

  7. Wesley Brown

    It wasn’t made for my gun but was pretty easy to modify to fit my K94 swedish 6.5×55. That’s no fault to the product I bought it knowing it most likely wouldn’t fit out of the box Read more

  8. Joe T

    Fit fine but useless when shooting. With only one mounting point, recoil kicks the scope downward. Read more

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