Xs points of interest dxt2 huge dot night time sight for cz, sig, hk pistols, front and rear glow in the darkish tritium for tactical packages

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  • the dxt2 large dot excessive-contrast is to be had in yellow and orange phtotoluminescent glow dot. The bright dot offers quick the front sight acquisition in full light and the photoluminescent properties take in ambient luster and glow in low mild.
  • clean sight picture in sunlight hours and darkness. The tritium sight gives illumination in low or no light settings. Xs pistol points of interest are designed to be rapid and clean to gather points of interest in any perspective.
  • the gold fashionable for night sights. Dot-the-“i” straight-line sight picture clearly draws your eye to the the front sight for fast acquisition. It genuinely facilities over the vertical bar rear sight for precision alignment.
  • our pistol sight bodies are cnc machined from steel for duty grade sturdiness from drops, cleaning answers, ultrasonic cleaners. And rust. Sight is pre-drilled and comes with a glock installation device, allen key, and thread locker.
  • made in the u. S., with u. S. Metallic and backed via 10-year warranty. All xs points of interest are precision machined in our fortress well worth, texas manufacturing facility from begin to complete. We stand at the back of our sights with a one hundred% no-questions-asked assure.
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product description

xs points of interest dxt2 massive dot night sight capabilities

our 2nd-generation large dot express points of interest are geared up with self-illuminating tritium vials in the front and rear sight.

our gen 2 huge dots also are ready with our photoluminescent glow dot generation, which offers a high-evaluation sight picture in vivid mild, absorbs ambient light, and glows in low mild.

the pairing of these glowing capabilities ensures the front sight could be more seen in low-mild and glow brighter than the rear.

our big dots measure 0. 188” (four. 8 mm) extensive, making them the largest the front sight available on the market. The multiplied surface area makes the dot brighter in daytime and low-light, allows triumph over poor eyesight, and increases front sight acquisition pace.

dxt2 huge dots are to be had in yellow or orange color options. Yellow glows the best, and orange contrasts the exceptional in vibrant light. Eyesight varies from person to individual and a few will see one shade better than the alternative.

the in-line sight image is natural to align, increases your field of view down-variety, and decreases the quantity of alignment points, if you want to lessen stress on the eyes.

xs dxt2 night time points of interest for glock include a complementary the front sight set up device. This hex tool suits the the front attractions screw to resource in making the sights set up even extra easy. There is no need to shop for or discover a hex tool that fits, surely unscrew the unique glock front sight, and add a dab of purple lock tight then screw to your new xs front sight of preference!


all xs night attractions are cnc machined from steel bar stock inside the great state of texas.

the steel creation ensures the sights are covered from drops, racking off barricades, and could keep up for years. The steel surface is blued to resist rusting, with a ordinary cleaning and oil agenda.

dxt2 huge dots haven’t any sharp edges and could not get caught on apparel whilst drawing the pistol from concealment. At the same time as huge, front sight nonetheless fits in most holsters.

glock front sight set up device, crimson threadlocker, and allen key included.

why use express attractions?

with over twenty years of night sight production enjoy, we have discovered that gunfights don’t show up in ideal mild or entire darkness. They manifest in among those extensive spectrums. Night time sights don’t just want to glow inside the darkish. They need to be visible always.

all through defensive altercations, you may revel in an adrenaline rush so one can purpose your basic motor features to turn out to be clumsy, fixated tunnel vision at the threat, and most probably both you and your attacker might be transferring. Fight accuracy is vital at this factor, but human beings tend to now not observe their points of interest when shooting in this case (this is not factor capturing). Our explicit sights ensure the big, coloured, glowing front sight will be in your line of sight for a combat correct sight picture that permits for a simple, enough alignment whilst there may be inadequate time and distance between yourself and the chance.


CZ P-10



8 reviews for Xs points of interest dxt2 huge dot night time sight for cz, sig, hk pistols, front and rear glow in the darkish tritium for tactical packages

  1. Leo Dendy

    These are really nice sites. To be honest though, they took some getting used to. It took me about a week to really get the hang of them. Because I’m so accustomed to the three dot site. Now that I’ve gotten used to these sites it is super easy to acquire my site picture. Also the yellow dot works great. It is really bright and glows really well in the dark. Not so sure about the orange dot as I don’t have one but other reviews said the yellow dot was the best. I recommend these for concealed carry and home defense pistols. Read more

  2. C David Deweese

    I use XS Sights (DTX2 YELLOW) on all of my carry weapons. Mostly the Sig Sauer P320 Carry and my favorite is the Sig Sauer P320 M18, but XS Sights don’t make a rear sight for the M18 so I ordered this set and used the FRONT Sight ONLY…. What a huge difference on my M18, the diameter of the Big Yellow Dot fits perfectly with the OEM Rear sights. I have these on my Glock 19 also. You can’t go wrong with these sights, day or night, hands down the best sights I have ever used. The Orange Front sight is not as bright as the Yellow. I have a set on my Walther PPS 9mm, the gun shop owner had the Orange on his gun, after seeing what a huge difference there was in his Orange he put the Yellow on his Walther PPQ. Read more

  3. Cheryl L. Stansberry

    Had czp10c sights removed before arrival, front sight was very easy and rear needed to be drawn over a file a couple times but went in easy. Took it out and 10yrds = on target, 25yrds = just a touch low but realized I was holding wrong. CS sights are night & day from 3 dot sights! Love them Read more

  4. Vicente Barriatos

    These are great defensive sights for point shooting and Target acquisition. The stock sights on the p320 are okay but these sights bring it to a whole new level, especially for everyday carry. I have both the yellow and orange sights on my handguns, and I prefer the yellow but you can’t go wrong with orange either . Also the company stands by it’s warranty, the vial fell out on one of my Glocks and they replaced it. Awesome customer support Read more

  5. Ace TNT

    I had the opportunity to install these sights today on my Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact Pro. They wouldn’t have gone on unless they held brightness overnight- and they surely did. I think these should be standard issue on every weapon- far superior to the factory three-dot sights with no night illumination. One modification I had to make when installing (not the fault of the sight) is to file a bit off the front sight beneath the dot to clear the slide- although the slide has a relief machined into it for sights, it does not extend rearward enough to accommodate the XS front sight. These are awesome! Read more

  6. Gerald Buckner

    Very easy to pick up the front sight with speed in any light. Be careful of the small Allen screws when zeroing easy to strip. Read more

  7. Kindle Customer

    Great sight for my old eyes. Ok target acquisition with the yellow. Wish I would have gotten the orange instead. Better contrast. They say the yellow is brighter, but washes out a bit for me. Read more

  8. Igor A. Polishchuk

    It is bright enough at total dark. It is n it at a bright light. Fast acquisition. As many ( all? ) tritium sights, it is so-so at twilight, like at in-door range or at dusk.. Read more

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