Yes4all adjustable dumbbells forty, 50, fifty two. Five, 60, 105 to two hundred lbs with connector alternatives

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  • ensure this fits by way of entering your model range.
  • one hundred% cast iron
  • imported
  • single dumbbell 52. Five lbs overall: one sixteen”x1. 15” deal with, 8 five-pound plates, two 2. 5-pound plates, two 1. 25-pound plates, collars
  • forged iron weight plates match 1. 15-inch fashionable bar: accommodate all widespread 1. 15-inch handles. Long lasting forged iron plates protected with black paint finish stopping rust and corrosion for lifetime use
  • 14-inch diamond knurled chrome cope with: constructed of exquisite, textured chrome deal with for at ease, company, and non-slip grip
  • celebrity-lock collars with loose-resistant rubber trims and screws: threaded ends with superstar-lock collars provide a safe, secure exercise & smooth weight plate adjustments.
  • clean use & garage: take seconds to gather and take out. Compact, handy, and smooth to use and save. All-for-one dumbbells dispose of the need for a couple of dumbbells in your exercising space. Appropriate for performing fundamental firming frame exercises, middle fitness, energy exercises and heavy leg lifts
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yes4all adjustable dumbbells are easy to apply and do no longer require an awful lot space for storage, appropriate for domestic gyms and fitness fans of all ranges. With the additional dumbbell connector for decided on weights, you can range your exercise routine even extra at the same time as retaining your space clean and prepared.

our adjustable dumbbell units with the dumbbell connector can help you alternate speedy and effortlessly among dumbbell and barbell physical games. This is brilliant for strength schooling and allow you to expand your workout habitual for top performance.

working towards with yes4all adjustable dumbbells, you may see substantial enhancements along with your cardiovascular health in addition to muscular electricity and persistence. Your variety of movement may also growth, and your weight loss progress can end up increasingly more efficient.


durable forged iron material coated with powder coated end to save you rust and corrosion, our adjustable dumbbells will closing a lifetime with out dropping overall performance. Now with the top class silicone sleeves, you can have a bespoke set that continues the whole lot neat and efficient.

textured chrome take care of enables decrease hand fatigue whilst maximizing grip consolation and manipulate. Also features threaded ends & celebrity-lock collars with customized screws for clean weight modifications.

chromed steel dumbbell connector converts 2 dumbbells into one barbell comfortably. Knurled handles with special locks for higher grip and increased protection at some point of physical activities. Well suited with 1-inch and 1. 15-inch spin-lock dumbbells.

product bundle

you can begin from amateur to the next stage without problems via definitely selecting considered one of our to be had products. Sold in units and combination:

general cast iron adjustable dumbbells.

top rate solid iron adjustable dumbbells with shielding silicone sleeves.

blend of yes4all dumbbell set and dumbbell connector.

product package deal

you can start from beginner to the next level easily by way of sincerely selecting considered one of our to be had products. Bought in units and combination:

fashionable forged iron adjustable dumbbells.

top class cast iron adjustable dumbbells with protective silicone sleeves.

combination of yes4all dumbbell set and dumbbell connector.

product bundle

you may begin from amateur to the next degree without problems via surely choosing one of our to be had products. Bought in sets and combination:

widespread cast iron adjustable dumbbells.

top rate solid iron adjustable dumbbells with shielding silicone sleeves.

blend of yes4all dumbbell set and dumbbell connector.

product bundle

you may start from beginner to the following degree effortlessly via really choosing considered one of our available products. Offered in sets and combo:

fashionable forged iron adjustable dumbbells.

top class solid iron adjustable dumbbells with protective silicone sleeves.

mixture of yes4all dumbbell set and dumbbell connector.

40lbs + connector

50lbs + connector

100lbs + connector

190lbs + connector

product description


A2. Blue – Xtreme Grip + Wrist Strap, A3. Black – Xtreme Grip + Wrist Strap, Adjustable Kettlebell Handle, Black, Black & Steel, C'. Chrome Connector 1,15", C2. Black – 50lb (25lb x 2) + Connector, D. Black – 52.5lb (52.5lb x 1), E. Chrome Connector 1" – fit with set 40, 50, 60 lbs only, E2. Black – 60lb (30lb x 2) + Connector

5 reviews for Yes4all adjustable dumbbells forty, 50, fifty two. Five, 60, 105 to two hundred lbs with connector alternatives

  1. Jarred Salyer

    To start off, don’t base your decision on these weights off of all the negative reviews you may read. I will state the simple problems and solutions to each one. I purchased 3 total sets, 50 pound set, 105 pound set, and 200 pound set which cost about $400 total. This is the cheapest and best option to obtaining the most weight as now I have over 360 pounds in total dead weight, 135 per arm, the reason for stating this is because this is absolutely the cheapest solution for the most weight. Now most of the complaints span to roughness of the handle to as ridiculous as giving one star for weight plates being to “greasy” upon first opening. The first major issue stated is that the star twist clamp doesn’t stay tight enough for safe heavy lifting which causes the weight to constantly have to be checked for safety. The first obvious thing is that you should always check your weight for safety no matter if your clamp is tight or not, and I will assure you that if you tighten these clamps and put actual force into it they will stay put, take out the rubber rings if you must as that helps them stick together, for those of you that cannot put so much force than simply twist the last weight plate next to each clamp right and this will tighten it with little effort. The next most complained about is how rough the handle is, and metal splinters are common upon first opening, I will make it clear that I received 3 different sets of handles through my total orders so I know the extent of how rough they may come and honestly if your used to holding a shovel or have used lighter weights than you’ll be fine, the metal splinter shards that people have stated really are not extreme enough to give these dumbbells one star over, this goes with the greasy weight statement, just have some paper towels like I did or a rag to be prepared to wipe down each weight and handle, I expected to do this even before my first order. When it comes to scraped paint and dents and scrapes in weight plates the scraped paint is minimal and expect to see some of the paint slightly come off when first using and especially upon opening, as for dents there is none, the “dents” are just how some come and is expected to see in every type of weight plate, I will show another picture for that. The last issue stated is shipping, know that the 50 pounds ships in 1 box, the 105 ships in 2, and the 200 ships in 3. Some have stated to be missing weights and handles which is really not to be expected so I wouldn’t worry as I received over 7 packages in my 3 back to back orders and received every part of my order with no issues and received each order in only 3 days with free shipping. These weights are heavy duty and meant to last a lifetime and also not for beginner weight lifters, which is why there are so many negative reviews. These weights are perfect for if you need heavier weight and cannot afford it, do not expect pretty smooth handled easy grip amature weights as these are great for hardcore workouts and great to push you to your limits, and sky rocket your strength, if your truly for lifting than you will be completely satisfied with these weights. I have tried my best to accommodate every question as I wish I had this review when I made my major decision on this big purchase as major insight really eases the mind. I hoped this helped. Read more

  2. wr17h3

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. One of the star locks is too big and does not lock rendering one of the dumbbells completely useless. I hope to hear from the seller. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I like these dumbbells because I can get heavier weight than with the fixed weight dumbbells. However, the weights are not accurate and if you do buy them make sure you weigh and mark each one so you know how much you are lifting. In the picture you will see the variety of actual weights compared to the weight stamped. They are shown as pounds then ounces Read more

  4. Justin S.

    Amazing amount of weights for the money, unreal!!! Super durable and simple design. I’ve been weight training for 10 years and needed heavier weights (80lbs per dumbbell), which get crazy expensive for non adjustable dumbells. $200 w/ shipping is an absolute steal! I couldn’t be happier. Yes there are pits in the castings; yes they have knurled handles for grip, yes there may be scratched paint from shipping, but they are weights meant to be dropped and thrown around while making your body stronger, not placed on a shelf to look at. Read more

  5. Emily

    This was a gift to my husband and it is very well made. Shipping reviews don’t really go here, but I do want to include it as a heads up. The item was shipped with USPS flat rate boxes that are cheap to ship up to a pretty high weight, shipping was free/included in the price. It came in two boxes. They each weight about 54 lb (of course, the entire set is 105lb). The problem was that USPS refused to deliver it due to the weight. It is too heavy for one regular person to carry so I had to go to the post office to pick it up, and the extremely nice USPS employee helped me carry and lift the boxes into the car, as I would not have been able to handle it myself. So, if you are looking for delivery to your house for convenience or because you can’t lift (maybe it’s a gift, like mine was), be advised to check the shipping options carefully. USPS will not deliver it to your house. Read more

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