Yes4all aerobic twister, waist twisting disc, ab tornado board, twist disc workout

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  • ensure this suits through entering your version variety.
  • ergonomic layout for higher workout: unique layout of yes4all cardio tornado brings you tremendous workout experience. Two aspect protectors mixed with non-slip feature on both surfaces make certain safety throughout your exercise
  • excellent feature offers many advantages: the frame tornado board is an effective tool for cardio sports with about 257kcal burnt for 30 minutes. It aids in tightening the line, eliminating extra fat, speeding up metabolism and preventing rebound
  • enjoy the flexibility in workout: freely choose the way you want to workout through incorporating a couple of twist exercise discs into your habitual. It makes an high-quality system for drills that work both arms and legs
  • ideal for complete frame education: the aerobic tornado can be used for distinctive movements along with dance, plank, twist, squat, which helps complete frame training. What’s more, there is a handy hook connected permitting you to do workout routines with a tube band
  • suit wherever, every time: twister workout board has a compact structure and may be practically put anywhere for practising every time you choose. Just have a laugh with these useful friends at the space you sense relaxed while not having to look for massive regions
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A. Cardio Twister – Black/Orange, B. Cardio Twister – Black/Red, C. Cardio Twister – Gray/Teal

8 reviews for Yes4all aerobic twister, waist twisting disc, ab tornado board, twist disc workout

  1. Lincoln County MT

    I doubt one is suppose to be sticky and slower than the other when you twist back and forth? I exchanged feet to see if that made a difference. Maybe a floor uneven balance or such but no one just doesn’t swivel smoothly as the other seems to be fine. They both do move however. I know they weren’t super expensive but hate to go through the exchange thing I hope it may work out of it with a few days of use. So far if anything after trying it twice today after it arrived today I doubt that’s going to happen. I can’t access or see how or where the rub or problem is taking place or why. It’s internal and everything external is plastic and not meant to take apart in anyway that I could find. Probably meant to be that way to avoid loss of any ballbearings etc. I get that but just wonder how they will stand up with any real workout use daily with them. Right now though the one drags to a degree it can move along just not as freely as the other and both should be indentical I’m thinking. I had hoped to use these every other day not every day in a means to switch out of a vibration machine and maybe help build up some muscle in my ankles that’s atrophied I’m told by a PT who said compression hose can cause that over time. Also I bought a wobble board from same company and 3 sponge mat’s all from Yes4All that will in time help rebuild the muscles in my ankles. (I actually was attempting to buy a different wobble board from the same company supposedly but it would not accept my address? So strange some of the things you run into. And yes I switched back and forth several times from house address to post office to see if that was a glitch but no it wasn’t about to send one to me. So I cancelled out that product and switched to this as the other was a twister board like the wobble board. Also the wood wobble board from here will if you can balance well enough allow you to twist to a degree on it too. However though my balance is very good I have a very weak hip and injured foot both make me a little wobbly before I get on the wobble board…lol. Stay safe everyone and I suggest if you do get a sticky one of these to return it. Just we are rural and though our UPS delivery is excellent weather is bad right now and if it doesn’t come out of the sticky or gets worse over the next week I’ll box it up and arrange for return. By then I’ll know if it’s something that might be worth re-ordering. I will if it is. I’m trying to move some of my “Silly” looking excercise equipment upstairs to a small room I use specifically to treat the foot. And to manage with handweights and hand tools so to speak and smaller aids rather than the larger machines and vibartion machines in basement. I use them in winter when trail outside our house that goes 2 miles from back door back to back door is not hospitable to walking or in my case hobbling about it. Maybe I do wobble about it too. Hard to say…stay safe everyone. We are in this together and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Close your ears to those nay sayers and the evening news who wants to TELL YOU WHAT is instead of report it when it happens. Not sure when this all began but the so need to knock it off. Too bad we can’t clone Walter Cronkite we’d all feel so much better and oh wait you know what last year SANTA left each of my husband and me a HUGE MUTE BUTTON in our xmas stockings. I kid you not. Best thing as the saying goes since sliced bread. Oh heck a whole lot better. Works for commercials too:))) Ok Yes4All if you read this why is one sticky and one not? Of course they won’t answer who reads these. I thought a 2 star might grab attention. If I exchange and or it works out of the sticking issue and holds up for a week or two here I’ll change my rating to 4 or maybe 5. Stay Safe and stay the course. I care about you. Read more

  2. JK

    I like this because its just twisting. No resistance. You can go as fast or slow as you choose. Plus twisting is great for your spine and helps a great deal with your digestive system. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I can do all kinds of moves on here I’m a plus size lovely. And I get a good work out I use it almost everyday. I have had it for almost a month now maybe longer and it’s still going strong. Read more

  4. RZohn74

    This does seem like a fun, easy way to move but it didn’t seem to give me much of a work out and my movements felt limited. I think this would be good for somebody who needs a very easy, beginning way to start getting exercise. And my kids also enjoyed it. But I ultimately ended up sending it back because I was looking for some thing a bit more strenuous. Read more

  5. Shonna Adams

    These came and I immediately started to use them. They are very easy to use, they move with ease, it’s a fun workout with music or watching tv. Worth the money and not hard on your joints. It does get your heart rate up if you make good use of them. Highly Recommend!! Read more

  6. Mystery Fan

    Nice product but the plastic is hard on the feet. Perhaps a foam covering would help Read more

  7. Stefanie

    I really like this product. Very easy to use, and use it every night while watching the news. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    I really like these. Great exercise for my hips which get stiff all the time. They’re big enough where I can wear shoes if I want. Good purchase! Read more

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