Yes4all aqua weight bags for full body education, task weight bag – replacement for sandbag

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of getting into your version quantity.
  • hard substances come from a complicated technique of manufacturing: our production method assembles parts made from high satisfactory substances to make sure there’s no water or air leaking in the aqua water bag at some point of its lifetime.
  • challenge your self with this untraditional water-crammed product: the water combined with air inner creates instability within the weight itself making the aqua bag even greater hard to manipulate, which calls for all muscle tissues’ works to preserve one’s balance
  • altering heavy weight turns into easy with simply water: weight changing isn’t a trouble anymore. You don’t need sand, small sand bags or any substances apart from water, which can be found almost anywhere
  • a couple of strong handles permit a dependable grip for many training options: four handles to perform accurate motion and ensure you have a firm however comfortable grip. Those handles help you in doing numerous sporting activities will assist growing strength and staying power
  • extra versatile and more comfortable: the aqua bag has a smooth outdoor to reduce the force it may have whilst touching your frame, it consequently reduces damages from accidents at some stage in exercising
  • excellent alternative for sandbag – extra flexible and greater comfy: used for the same reason as sandbags, exercising water luggage are very handy. When empty, the aqua bag becomes a small piece to stick it into your percent and pass everywhere
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from the manufacturer

what makes it unique?

cutting-edge era produces aqua water bags from % which are constructed to final and additionally gentle in order that they may be folded and stay well for your gymnasium bag

present day generation produces aqua water bags from percent that are built to final and also tender so they may be folded and live well for your gymnasium bag

no extra scared of messy sand. Water is clean and available nearly everywhere. Filling it up or taking it out is quick and easy

water itself is volatile and constantly adjustments shapes. Even dealing with to raise the bag with water requires a good deal practice. It’s miles amazing for burning calories in a complete frame exercise

how to use it!

increasingly more!

aqua bag – extremely good replacement for sandbag !!!


Aqua training bag 49 Lbs+ Resistance bands, Aqua training bag 49Lbs, Aqua training bag 80Lbs

8 reviews for Yes4all aqua weight bags for full body education, task weight bag – replacement for sandbag

  1. Marissa Garofano

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Excellent quality! Adds a fun challenge to those home workouts. Set up was easy you just will want a scale to weigh the bag as you fill it Read more

  2. breezy622

    I wanted this cushion for my computer chair, not standing purposes. Mine came partially filled with air but it felt soft, like it needed more so I went through the process of getting the needle in and then putting more air in it. That was a mistake. It was entirely too hard when I sat on it. The process of reinserting the needle clear in so I could deflate wasn’t easy but finally got that done. Getting it down to the comfortable sitting inflation is now the trick. Feel like Goldilocks but hopefully when I get it just right it will be comfortable and supportive for my hips and back. The “fingers” on this cushion aren’t hard and uncomfortable as some others have stated in reviews of others so I was pleased with that. The construction of this cushion feels very sturdy and it arrived with the air pump, needle and a spare needle in the handle. Advice for future users is try it before just putting air in it!!! Read more

  3. J. Wang

    I bought it for a trial as replacement for Dyna Disc because I do not want to spend $30 for the brand one. The only concern for me, after reading most reviews, is leak of air. I received the discs with one looks “used” and one brand new. Do not ask me why. Because it is cheap I do not bother to contact the seller. I did not use the pump that comes with the order to inflate the disc (it is not a use-friendly pump). I used a pin and my car pump to inflate it to 60-70% of the complete full (this is right inflation). The used disc looks imperfect in shape and the brand new one looks normal. Here is the test. I stood on the discs for one min everyday and now it has been roughly 3 weeks by now. The air is still 60%. I did not find noticeable leak within this period of time. Thus I believe as long as you are careful with the inflation (I recommend to use a pin to inflate it as you normally inflate your basketball), it should be fine. I am happy with this trial. Hope it helps. Read more

  4. Suzanne B.

    I actually really like it:) The water does swish side to side a bit, but it just makes you work harder to keep it steady so in return you keep your form in check. I love to do dead lifts with it. Oh, one more thing. I love the fact that it’s safer too! You wo t have to worry about dropping a plate on your toe or smashing your finger:) Read more

  5. Christopher N.

    The pump came without the o-ring necessary to properly inflate the bag. I can’t add any air pressure, rendering the bag useless. Read more

  6. Derrick D

    The first thing you see next to the picture of this product is the description that states “Pre-inflated to a level suitable for most uses (air pump included).” Scroll down a bit to a full product description and read: BONUS GIFT: Free air pump included as a bonus gift only. (Seller does not take any responsibility if the air pump is missed, lost or broken) —This is confusing to say the least. I did not receive the pump and I think it’s kinda crappy that this is the way they approach doing business. If you are not going to take responsibility for part of the product, do not say it is included in the first place. Please fix your listing. The product is just ok, the one I got for free from my chiropractor is far superior. Read more

  7. Mandy

    These are wonderful for those kids who move around in their seats BUT do wear out in time or you may have that one kie who takes a pair of scissors or a sharp pencil/pen and stabs in real hard.. I mean real hard. However, I have had dozens of these and they hold up well over years. It takes them quite a while before they wear out. I like the discs better that the wedge type ones and I have found my students prefer them too. You can also use them for students to do vestibular exercises to improve their core/thinking skills. I am just now restocking my supply after 25 years. Read more

  8. ablaze

    Tried to contact customer service on the day I received the item and couple of times afterwards. Provided Amazon Order ID and everything. No response on the damaged item. Air pump doesn’t work. Read more

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