Yes4all blend lined kettlebell set of weights

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  • make sure this fits via entering your version quantity.
  • brilliant solid iron with vinyl covered finish: every kettlebell is encased with colour-coded vinyl to save you corrosion, increase sturdiness, lessen noise, protect floors and enhance look
  • extensive, easy manage: smooth, first rate textured steel manage of the kettlebell weights offers a secure and cozy grip for high reps, makes chalk unnecessary for both women and men
  • flat backside for stability: allows upright storage, ideal for kettlebell workouts such as renegade rows, handstands, hooked up pistol squats and different sports
  • perfect for any age or gender: the wide variety of weights is ideal for each person trying to enhance their energy, strength and endurance via a flexible kettlebell fitness habitual which include swings, deadlifts, squats, get-united states of americaand lots of greater
  • units of 15, 20 and 25lbs kettlebells: to be had in units of three on your own preferences: 15, 20 and 25lbs kettlebell weights
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build remaining electricity, strength, and patience

acquire your fitness goals with yes4all vinyl kettlebells:

  • decorate strength, stamina and coordination
  • increase lung and coronary heart potential
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases, heart assault or strokes
  • exercise session overall frame, burn fat and tone all lean muscular tissues
  • activate your core & stabilizing muscle tissues – for lively restoration
  • enhance movement, agility and velocity
  • features

    built of strong cast iron without a welds, weak spots, or seams. Vinyl lined cowl protects the floor, reduces noises and also provides heavy-obligation protection for every kettlebell. Amazing to apply indoor & out of doors, even underneath harsh condition.

    easy, first-rate slightly textured deal with affords a comfy & company, cozy grip for high reps for each guys & girls training. Every kettlebell is thoroughly checked earlier than leaving the factory & delivery to ensure the fine satisfactory merchandise.

    best for commercial & domestic gyms because the kettlebells allow upright garage. Flat backside for stability, ideal for pushups, renegade rows, handstands, set up pistol squats & different sporting events requiring a kettlebell with a flat backside.

    pick out your right weights

    kettlebells are sold in set, allowing you to choose the proper weight set in your workout or health degree.

    select your proper weights

    kettlebells are sold in set, allowing you to select the right weight set to your workout or fitness degree.

    choose your proper weights

    kettlebells are bought in set, allowing you to pick out the right weight set in your exercise or health degree.

    select your proper weights

    kettlebells are sold in set, permitting you to choose the proper weight set for your exercise or health level.

    set five to 30

    set 10 to 25

    set 5 to fifteen

    set 15, 20


    Black, Blue, Multicolor


    10 – 15lb, 10 – 20lb, 10 – 25lb, 15 – 20lb, 15 – 25lb, 20 – 25lb, 5 – 15lb, 5 – 30lb

    8 reviews for Yes4all blend lined kettlebell set of weights

    1. M.G.

      These weights are not solid cast iron, as they would like you to think. They have cast iron Handles and a concrete body. I’m a little disappointed by this because I’m not sure how these will hold up. Read more

    2. Michelle Wagher

      I did send this straight to Yes4All but did not receive any response, so I will just post on Amazon as people are looking to purchase. I took this picture right after I took the kettlebell out of the delivery package. The chip is sharp and I can’t use it!! Read more

    3. Totalimmortal042

      They surely aren’t Vinyl coated, as the description notes. Additionally, they came with decent sized chippls in the handles. Quite honestly, the exchange process with Amazon became such a headache, that I will probably stick with them as they still serve the intended fuction. Regardless, the misleading listing doesn’t not excuse this and therefore, still gets one star. Read more

    4. M. Alex Loayza

      I got the 5, 10, 15lb set. I knew I wanted to get more than one weight, starting at the lower end. For $45 you can’t beat this price for a 3 piece set! I wanted to get into kettlebell workouts on days that I don’t go to the gym. While I try to go to the gym at least 3-4 days a week, some days I just feel too lazy or tired to go. With these kettlebells, you can get a full-work out from home. My younger-brother got into using the kettlebell, and he claimed that using them from home is the “gym-killer” well, I have to agree with him to a certain extent. I pulled up some kettlebell work-out videos off of Youtube, and was worn out after about 15 minutes. You can get a full cardio workout from using the kettlebell, it may not feel the same as when you using an elliptical machine, stair-master, treadmill at the gym, but you will really feel it once you start using these kettlebells. The nice thing about having the 5,10, and 15lb weight, is when you start to get tired using one of the heavier ones, you can switch to a lighter-weight and still continue your work-out without completely exhausting yourself, or stopping altogether. I haven’t even used the 15lb one yet! One workout video I did involved lots of squatting exercises, and after a while I had to switch from the 10lb weight to the 5lb weight because it was starting to kick my butt. As for the design of the kettle bell, I was drawn to the nice, wide handles. I have tiny hands, but I like being able to comfortably fit both of my hands on the handle, especially since I only ever intend to do 1-kettlebell workouts. I have hardwood floors in my house, so I appreciate the vinyl coating. No sure how the coating will last against wear and tear, but in my case I didn’t think I’ll have to worry about that All in all very happy with this kettlebell set! Read more

    5. Carlos Taylor

      Not sure why anyone would give this a negative review. its exactly as described. They feel great in your hands . Smooth enough to rotate in your hands but not slippery. The rubberized bottom feels nice on my wooden floors. They are not bulky, like other. So overall I give them an A+ Read more

    6. Mom

      I just received these kettlebells, after months of not finding any anywhere during the pandemic. I was able to pre-order these on Amazon, and they actually came quite quickly once they were available. I’ve read reviews about kettlebells not being package properly, but these came double-boxed, with bubble wrap around each one. They are nice sizes, easy to hold handles, and offer me lots of variety. I have been doing kettlebell exercises with dumbbells, and these are just so much nicer to hold. I like that the bell part is smaller than some, as that provides more secure grip when holding the bell. Great purchase! Good value! Read more

    7. LJ

      Due to the pandemic and having to work out at home (I have a family member who is at very high risk & cannot afford to get this virus), and only having minimal space to work out in, I got this set to help keep my sanity. These are well made and arrived much sooner than I expected. However, I noticed that my set has grown legs and keeps walking off into other rooms (my family keeps stealing my weights!). I’ve placed another order, and desperately hope they come soon. I’m tired of battling my family for my weights. Read more

    8. JH Fortenberry

      I’ve never bought weights online before. Good experience. The K-bells arrived relatively quickly (just a matter of days) in three separate small boxes which makes sense. The weights are exactly as shown in the picture. They seem to wobble a bit so the bottoms may not be as flat as I expected, and one handle had a bit of an edge on the bottom (where fingers will be gripping). But then again, all weights should be treated with caution, and at this price, this is exactly what I need for my family of four boys to get them introduced to weight training without the expense of joining a gym. Read more

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