Yes4all heavy obligation wall mounted pull up bar for crossfit education

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  • ensure this fits by way of getting into your model range.
  • 1. 25” thick heavyweight metal bar: manufactured from heavyweight metal ensuring sturdiness and safety in your exercise. Powder covered finish of the 1. 25” diameter bar offers comfort in addition to prevents slips for even intense exercises.
  • particular design: the strength schooling pull-up bar functions 2 angled grips permitting you to have a couple of hand positions for increased effectiveness and decreased fatigue at the same time as education. It can adapt to a huge variety of physical activities in a greater thrilling way.
  • strong construction: modern design of the upgraded pull up bar affords sturdy production and longer frames as compared to the fundamental one. Experience at ease to position your excellent attempt into each physical training session.
  • 27 inches off wall clearance: now we’ve a greater distance between the bar and wall, which facilitates many drills such as pull up, chin up, ring up and kipping. It additionally makes a great space for operating out with accessories like ab straps and health club earrings.
  • short and clean installation: well matched with all wooden and urban wall. Complete bundle consists of all mounting hardware to safely cling your chin up bar in location in a flash.
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product features

designed with enough distance from wall to the 48” bar to create comfortable experience for health enthusiasts even as doing pull up, chin up, calisthenics and other physical games.

the bar has 2 angled grips which stick out from other merchandise. Its special design assists users in finding the most fitting hand function, fits infinite physical games and makes them much less uninteresting.

the product is fabricated from super steel material, thick bar and triangulated frame this is designed to address a heavy load. There’s no want to be involved about the product’s functionality, you can do your workout correctly with peace-of-mind.

set up – simply comply with the steps underneath for a quick setup

on wall, drill holes that in shape with the bottom, then prepare 2 elements of the bar.

attach 2 frames to the holes drilled before, do not make it too tight as you will need to attach the bar to the body after that.

connect the bar to the frame and tighten all the screws. It is now geared up for regular motion and excessive exercise.


A. Heavy Duty, C. Heavy Duty – New Design, D. Multi-Grip

7 reviews for Yes4all heavy obligation wall mounted pull up bar for crossfit education

  1. Epic411

    I have a rogue pull-up bar that was priced similarly at $140. I was looking for a multi angle bar and I bought this one based on the reviews and product description. I expected comparable quality given the Comparable cost. Unfortunately This is absolute garbage that I wouldn’t trust to hang my clothes from. Welds are missing, Metal is so thin I can bend the bar in my hands out of the box. Not powder coated as advertised. It’s just painted black. This is clearly a company taking advantage of the COVID-19 fitness equipment shortages to price gouge consumers. Ripping people off is one thing, but seriously Someone is going to get hurt using this. Aside from the sub standard construction the design itself is clearly flawed. The arms are supported from the top as opposed to the bottom which weakens the load capacity and places too much stress on the top bolts. Additionally There are only 2 bolts per arm as opposed to 3 or 4 in similarly priced competitor designs. Check out Gronk fitness, Xmark, or rep fitness for real products. Don’t support this company by buying their over priced knock offs. Read more

  2. Charles Mizrahi

    This bar feels really good and is perfect for at home workouts. It has some light knurl on it, that I didn’t realize would be there from the pictures, but gives the bar a nice grip. Finding someone to install it to the side of my house was a bit of a project, but once installed, it feels really sturdy. The clearance on the outermost setting allows me to do kipping/butterfly pullups and toes to bar without an issue and I’m 6’4. Really great product for half the price that Rogue charges. Read more

  3. William

    First off this Pull up bar is listed on the Yes4All site for 32 bucks. So paying triple price for something is beyond ridiculous. I did not find this out until after receiving my order. I am still trying to hang it because the hardware it came with wouldn’t even be good enough to hang a flat screen TV. I won’t even rate sturdiness until I will see how it will do once I get it hung. So my review will stay like this until I am finished with the install. Bottom line just skip buying this and get a similar bar from another company, don’t make my mistake. Read more

  4. Dak

    Package was terribly mangled, everything must have fallen out during shipping or it was never included in the first place. no bolts, no instructions, 1 rubber end cap even though there’s 4 rough metal edges. Couldn’t be further from impressed… bummer. “Full package includes all mounting hardware to securely hang your chin up bar in place in a flash” [Update] I got the C. Heavy Duty 500lb version. Ended up getting hardened 8- 3″x3/8″ lag screws for the mount, 8- locking 3/8 washers, and 2- 1.5″x3/8″ bolts to secure the bar ($10ish in hardware from Home Depot). Screwed right in to studs in the garage. Works like a charm, solid product, doesn’t budge one bit. Their customer service never responded to my email from 8 days ago (but did reply to this review oddly). Others said the bolts they send are no good anyways so probably would have bought my own either way. Good luck with your order… Read more

  5. Alex

    This is just perfect pull up bar for me !Since I am about 230 lbs I decided to drill 4 additional wholes for better mounting on a concrete wall. These 4 screws witch was included in box immediately went to garbage. I decided to use 3/8 3in long heavy duty concrete/brick screw anchors. 8 in total, now, it can hold 3 persons simultaneously (like me) with no doubt. Really liked its multi grip feature witch allows me to do a bunch of different exercises for different groups of muscles. When I was choosing pull up bar , I was considering between this one and from different brand which was much expensive. I decided to go with this one and I did the right chose! Read more

  6. Reid Y

    Updated review *** 4->2 stars. Installation was as expected. Installed a horizontal 2×8 and 2×6 to run along the wall where I installed the bar. This will help protect the wall from the brackets digging into the wall. Powder coating is more like regular paint. It is NOT powder coating like how Rogue, Titan and other mfg’s have their equipment coated. The “powder coating” is not grippy like real powder coating. The cuts in the knering on the bar are deep so on the bar is very aggressive, even with the paint on it. It isn’t conformable to pull where the knerling is. I ended up using the bar where there is no knerling. Can’t comment on the hardware strength because it looked like there were non existent threads. So I bought lag Spax Outdoor lag bolts and stainless steel washers at the big box store. The overall strength of the bar is good. It strong and can easily handle me, a 260lb guy. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this bar and would rather spend 2x the price to get a real powder coated bar. The reason I didn’t go with that is shipping to Hawaii is expensive and a similar pull up bar like this would easily cost $300. Another option would be to add tape to the knerling or replace the bar with a standard 1.25 uncoated bar from the hardware store. I also recommend spraying some oil or wd40 inside the metal contact areas of the bar and inside the tubing to inhibit rust if mounting the bar outside. Original review Just got the pull up bar in today. Haven’t wall mounted it yet, but I wanted to comment on my first impressions on the pull up bar build. The welds seem good (no missing weld spots or blowouts). I measured the steel with my calipers to be 0.100 inches thick, which translates to be about 12 gauge thick. However this measurement includes the paint thickness. The only downside so far is that I am missing one end cap. Hopefully they can send a replacement. I will update the review after using the bar for a while. Read more

  7. Dirk Hain

    Great product but do not use the anchors when installing this product directly into studs. There are no mounting instructions with the product and I made the mistake thinking that the manufacturer knew what they were shipping. If installing into studs drill the screws directly into the stud. Read more

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