Yes4all metallic macebell for complete body exercises – availble 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs

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  • ensure this suits via getting into your version quantity.
  • all steel creation for tire slams: sturdy metallic and sturdy welds make sure this mace bell will continue to exist any abuse or harsh punishment. Even whilst you perform tire slams, yes4all mace bell still stands sturdy & keep its active use over multiple reps
  • relaxed and safe layout: clean to hold shop. Indestructible mace head and knurled shaft for a better grip and long take care of make sure you carry out herbal movements with out it slipping from your fingers
  • overall body schooling: with the special form of mace bell, you can freely carry out multi-planar movements and advert greater assignment for your day by day habitual together with squats, lunges, shouldering, deadlifts, swings, 360 physical activities, overhead presses and many more
  • more weights available: with the whole variety of weights from 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs. You may effortlessly pick the satisfactory in shape regardless of being an novice or advanced users. Ideal for game fanatics, martial artwork athletes and crossfit fans
  • one hundred% pleasure : yes4all stands behind our products and gives you with 60 day go back and 1 yr for your peace of thoughts buy
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product advantages & versatility

you use this versatile macebell in every form of workout from power education to cross match and frame match sporting events. Get geared up to be blown away by way of its high-quality fitness benefits:

  • workout the whole upper frame
  • construct grip power
  • develop upper body endurance
  • decorate agility, flexibility, pace & rotational strength
  • extended lung capacity, dexterity and control
  • we realize you need a sturdy macebell to combat for your health battleground. Certainly, all-metal composition makes this macebell unbreakable. The calmly round head is absolutely welded to the steel shaft for durability.

    smooth to maintain & perform full body, multi –planar moves. Indestructible macehead and knurled shaft for a better grip and lengthy handle make sure you carry out herbal moves without it slipping from your fingers.

    our macebell is engineered to resist sturdy use and abuse due to its all metallic construction & exactly made welds in order to hit the tire as powerfully as you could.

    a couple of weights available

    yes4all gives numerous weight options so one can choose from according to your health levels and schooling purposes. Choose the exceptional match for your tiers from five, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs


    product description


    A. 5.0 Pounds, B. 7 Pounds, C. 10 Pounds, D. 15 Pounds, E. 20 Pounds, F. 25.0 Pounds, G. 30 Pounds

    8 reviews for Yes4all metallic macebell for complete body exercises – availble 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs

    1. Helen Panaro

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Love this mace bell! I got the other ones for my son and he brought the 10lb to his gym and they use it like a sledge hammer to hit a Hugh tire. This is great for working out. Read more

    2. Justin M

      I’ve been a fan of all the onnit stuff for quite a while and I have been meaning to dip my toes in mace workouts for quite some time now. They were sold out when I finally decided to pull the trigger so I came here and found this Yes4All mace as an alternative. I have some of their other products and have been very happy with th quality so I expected nothing less from this mace. Since I expected it to be of great quality, I can’t say I was surprised when it showed up in absolutely perfect condition with a clean mold and weld and knurling. Again, exactly as expected. I took it for a spin. Literally. Started with some 360s. Immediately I fell in love with this feeling. It’s 10 lbs, and I’m by no means a beginner when it comes to fitness, but it felt really good. It’s not unwieldy or anything but it’s different. The offset weight feels like a lot more. I immediately looked up videos and played around with it. I got some of my best workouts at home with this. The amount of functional training you get from a mace is just incredible..if you’re serious about fitness (not just getting big – but being functionally fit and strong) this and a kettlebell are probably the best tools to have. Your forearms and rotator cuff will thank you. Read more

    3. Morgan Armour-knight

      So, I pretty much paid full price for a used/broken macebell. I purchased one prior and it came in perfect condition. There were no scratches/scrapes and it was completely intact. The second macebell was clearly used and the end of the handle was missing…. Yes, it will STILL serve its purpose for stability and strength training, BUT COME ON! If you’re going to send me a damaged, used weight, at least give me a discount. This is unacceptable business. I got this as a gift for my boyfriend because he kept trying to steal mine, so I purchased him one and this it what we got. Super disappointed and embarrassed. Read more

    4. Rebecca

      I don’t review many things I buy on here, but I wanted to say that I love this. I feel like this product got a lot of negative reviews but it came in perfect condition and I so look forward to using it in my small home gym Read more

    5. 35 alive

      Paint was not perfect but build is. Update 12/2020 now 5 stars Just ordered my 10 pounder and after ordering maces from a couple other companies I will be sticking to yes4all and here’s why. First the wall thickness of the tube handle is thicker. Second the knurling is deeper and offers more grip. Third both price and value, if you think another brand is less $ compare handles (length, knurls, wall thickness etc). And lastly I like the little plastic cap at the bottom of the handle. It allows you to remove any little metal pieces that might be rattling around inside which is super annoying when you are trying to get a good flow session in. And a final note about paint, if you think you will get perfect paint DON’T all brands come with some chips in the paint and after trying other brands these have far fewer than any others I’ve tried. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Huge fan of this thing. I’m 150lbs I’m pretty good shape and the 20lb is plenty. (I even ordered the 10lb after to get better practice with form). I’d recommend a steel mace to anyone into fitness. 360 swings offer a movement almost no other exercise can replicate. Once you get your flows down this thing is extremely fun and challenging. I’d recommend getting a 10lb (or 5lb if you’re just starting) first then work your way up once your comfortable. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      It does function as advertised but I have two minor issues. Firstly, the mace is hollow and came from the factory with something loose floating around inside. The noise it makes as I’m working out is pretty irritating. Also, as steel maces increase in weight, they are meant to increase in length as well. This mace is significantly shorter than my 10 lbs mace, which is a big disappointment. Read more

    8. Tenz

      Awesome macebell. I wasn’t broken up between the 10 and the 15 but ended up choosing the 10lb. And I am so glad I picked the 10 and didn’t allow my ego to do the choosing. I definitely recommend going lighter for beginners. Even doing a simple bicep curl felt more then 10lb( depending on your hand placement). Solid construction the only reason I’m not giving it 5 star is because of the paint chip it came with. This seems to be a common issue with the yes4all equipment. My kettlebells also came with some paint chips, but glad it was just cosmetic. Read more

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