Yes4all vinyl lined kettlebells – weight to be had: five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, forty five, 50 lbs

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  • make sure this suits by getting into your model wide variety.
  • splendid solid iron construction: constructed to closing of stable forged iron without a welds, susceptible spots, or seams. Great for education indoor & outdoor
  • durable vinyl lined finish: encased with vinyl to prevent corrosion, growth sturdiness, lessen noise, defend flooring & beautify look
  • wide, clean handle: smooth, exceptional slightly textured manage gives a relaxed & relaxed grip for high reps, makes chalk not necessary
  • flat bottom for balance: enable upright storage, best for renegade rows, handstands, set up pistol squats & other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat backside
  • ideal for any age or gender: huge range of weights ideal for everyone trying to improve health. Used for swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups & snatches to work out many muscle corporations and body components along with biceps, shoulders, legs, & greater
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construct last power, strength, and staying power

acquire your fitness goals with yes4all vinyl kettlebells:

  • decorate energy, stamina and coordination
  • increase lung and heart capability
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart attack or strokes
  • workout overall body, burn fats and tone all lean muscle tissues
  • spark off your center & stabilizing muscle mass – for lively healing
  • improve motion, agility and speed
  • features

    constructed of solid solid iron with out a welds, vulnerable spots, or seams. Vinyl coated cover protects the ground, reduces noises and additionally gives heavy-responsibility protection for every kettlebell. Top notch to apply indoor & outdoor, even beneath harsh condition.

    easy, brilliant barely textured cope with affords a cozy & firm, cozy grip for high reps for both guys & women education. Every kettlebell is thoroughly checked earlier than leaving the manufacturing unit & transport to make certain the best first-class merchandise.

    ideal for commercial & home gyms because the kettlebells allow upright storage. Flat backside for stability, best for pushups, renegade rows, handstands, hooked up pistol squats & different physical games requiring a kettlebell with a flat backside.

    choose your proper weights

    choose your proper weights

    select your right weights

    pick your proper weights

    10 lbs

    20 lbs

    25 lbs

    forty five lbs

    product description

  • yes4all vinyl kettlebell 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, forty, 45 lbs
  • yes4all rubber base kettlebell: five, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50lbs
  • enhance energy, stamina and coordination
  • increase lung and coronary heart capability
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart attack or strokes
  • general body cardio workout, burn fat and effective toning
  • works first-rate for your stabilizing muscle tissues – for lively recuperation
  • enhance motion, agility and velocity
  • turkish rise up
  • single lifeless raise
  • two handed kettlebell swing
  • kettlebell squat and lunges
  • color_name

    D. 15lbs – Dark Blue, F. 25lbs – Dark Blue, G. 30lbs – Dark Blue, H. 35lbs – Dark Blue, I. 40lbs – Dark Blue, J. 45lbs – Dark Blue

    8 reviews for Yes4all vinyl lined kettlebells – weight to be had: five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, forty five, 50 lbs

    1. klew723

      Ok sooooo…this was packed liked this? Quite disappointed I have to return because I just recently purchased the 15lb and was pleased so I said I’d go ahead and start buying a couple at a time to end up with them all…now I’m afraid I’ll keep getting ones with busted up vinyl. More than just an oversight here. Read more

    2. Al S

      Bottom line: These weights are supposed to have flat bottoms to lean on them for pushups, slight dips and such. However, the vinyl covering on these has bumps, creases, etc., that make them very unstable and dangerous because you’ll roll your arm easily. If the bottom was really large it might be OK, but these only have to tilt a little bit and then they’re on their side. I bought two: one can stand on its own but no real pressure can be placed on it with it rolling; the other can barely stand at all. Aside from that, they seem to be solid and are fine for regular lifting/swinging exercises. Some reviewers said theirs arrived with broken covering; mine came fine, double-boxed and well packaged. The handles were a little on the large side, but that’s compared to ones I saw I’m guessing it just differs among brands. I’m a 6’2” guy who buys large to (preferably) extra large gloves, if that helps. They were less expensive than many others on Amazon, and only slightly more than the cheapest. So I’m guessing you get what you pay for. I just saw them in the store, was curious, and got the two 20-pounders. I think if I was going to seriously pursue the whole kettle bell experience then I would want a better set. Read more

    3. William Schlesinger

      I have been using Kettle bells in the gym for many years. I have been using this kettle bell for a few weeks. Upon swinging it I noticed a slight rattling movement sensation. Placing it on the on the floor and inspecting it I can feel a slight wiggle between the handle and the weight. This indicates there may be a crack. Using such a weight can have a catastrophic consequence during swinging especially if the weight is over your head. Read more

    4. The Great Buzzwami

      This is actually a great kettlebell for the price. It’s also much smaller than other coated kettlebells I have, so great space-wise. The handle is a perfect size for two hand grabbing, not all of my kettelbells are. I was worried the handle might not be smooth, but it is powder coated and has a great feel when I swing it. I’m going to order more before they disappear. Read more

    5. Reta T.

      Five pound weight in blue plastic was just what I needed to make thebottom of my decorated music/poetry stand bottom-stable. I macrame’d the handle part of the “bell” and put peridot rhinestones & blue glitter paint on the front, and blue and green swirl on the back that will face the audience. I attached it underneath the three feet/legs with black metal chain and it’s super tight and stable. All of it came together perfectly, now I just have to take it to a reading! Read more

    6. anon

      I needed a lightweight Kb to get started. I have one at work, one at home, and lots at the gym. I am doing a basic workout including swings, and seeing great results (I’m 67, and sitting a lot). I might outgrow this at some point, but good for now. Read more

    7. Anna

      Nicely made and easy to handle without it slipping. However I don’t think the weight is correct. I ordered a 5 lb and a 10 lb. The 5 lb feels more like 2 lbs and the 10 lb feels almost like a 12-15 lb. I’m going to have them weighed tomorrow. They do what they were meant to do. Just wish the weight was more accurate. Read more

    8. PrincessD

      Great price for a very nice kettlebell. (Seriously, the quality is there, so why pay so much more, elsewhere?) Handle is wide enough for two hands, and the diameter of the handle–how large it is in the hand–is a good size for even my small hands to comfortably grip. The handle is also smooth, with no rough seams to chafe. Very pleased, and definitely plan on purchasing another, heavier weight from this maker as my needs change! Read more

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