Yes4all wall established pull up bar for crossfit education – chin up bar/pull up bar wall mount

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  • ensure this suits via coming into your model quantity.
  • one-piece solid metallic production: yes4all wall mount chin up bar is manufactured from heavy gauge metal for more durability and blanketed with black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Designed for 16” and 24” stud area
  • multi-grip positions padded with gentle foam: foam padded grips carry consolation on your arms and prevent slipping because of sweat at some point of the whole exercise time
  • extremely good for constructing upper frame electricity: ideal for running out your backs, shoulder, chest, hands, triceps, biceps, lats, and the the front of your abs
  • excessive weight capacity: our chin up bar can aid as much as an amazing 300lbs of weight, making sure top performance for a long term even after heavy long term usage
  • quick and smooth installation: yes4all chin up bar comes with full instructions and all mounting hardware so you can get it usable almost as quickly because it’s introduced to your private home
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product functions

heavy duty metallic body ensures exceptional stability and durability, geared up for the most lively workouts.

three separate excessive-density foam grip positions include extensive, impartial and slim grips to assist you in numerous upper body exercises.

exactly engineered for sixteen” and 24″ stud space. Full set consists of mounting hardware, complete assembly preparation.

kick-begin your overall frame transformation

designed for sort of upper body physical games from wide-slender grip pull ups, band assisted chin usato striking leg increases and lots of extra.

the ab straps are like minded with any chin up bar. Definitely wrap the straps across the bar and below your palms for a tough but secure workout.

construct your personal personal home gym with a chin up bar and lat pulley machine to target greater muscle mass and experience numerous physical activities.


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5 reviews for Yes4all wall established pull up bar for crossfit education – chin up bar/pull up bar wall mount

  1. Gerrit

    Understanding you get what you pay for; if you are buying this pull-up bar with safety in mind, look elsewhere. The six wall mounting bolts are unhardened steel. When driving one of the bolts in, after predrilling a pilot hole with the 7/32nd bit recommended, one of the bolts heads sheered off when snugging the mounting plate to the wall. (See photo) The extra 30 cents to provide a hardened steel bolt for safety was cut for profits by this China based manufacturer. If you do purchase this pull-up bar, do yourself a favor and pickup 6 replacement lag bolts from your local hardware store and save yourself from potential injury. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Overall, quality is good. The design flaw is How long the arms come out from where it is screwed into the wall. I’m 220 pounds and do weighted pull ups with up to a 45 lb plate. I bought 6 concrete anchors and secured them into the concrete wall of my basement. Held up great for body weight pull ups. On my second set of of weighted pull ups with 25 lbs added one of the anchors broke off. Mind you these were industrial strength 1 inch anchors. If you are doing strictly body weight pull ups or weigh less than I do and perform weighted pull ups it should hold up just fine. Seems like the capacity is 250lbs Read more

  3. Andrew N. David Fastman

    It is my own fault that the studs were out of whack in the spot i wanted to mount this. The instructions are Ikea “light” with pictures, few words and not enough pictures. If your studs are spaced at 16″ O.C. the grip spacing might feel weird utilizing the shorter mounting holes. Further, my specimen had a bit of twist in the mounting brackets, seemingly from cheap/poor welds. it was easily solved with a father+son project mounting bracket. Although always up for a project, i felt bad that we needed to take 2 extra days before my monster (14 year old) could use his gift. Read more

  4. Model Cars Magazine

    First off, the side plate for the main/long pull up bar is welded upside down. Serious mess up. Also, the weld quality is terrible. I could try and redrill the hole, but then that side would be about ¼” off, since the holes are not centered on the plate, top to bottom. There is also a design flaw. The pull up bar is way too low. When I put it up on the main beam across the office (regular eight foot ceiling), the level of the pull up bar is so low, you could not hang from it without your feet touching the ground. I’m 5’10”, and my knees would be bent hanging on to the bar, feet on the floor. I could redrill the mounting holes for the main square bar that bolts to the joist, don’t know if I will do this or not. Lastly, the directions show the pull up bar facing inwards, towards the joist/mounting. This makes no sense. If you try to do a pull up, your head would hit the joist/beam. But, on the box, it shows the pull bar mounted correctly, pointing away from the joist/mount. Some serious problems with this unit. It could be fixed, not sure if worth it. Would rather have had the whole pull up bar as one piece, and not slip joints that is really loose, held together with a suspicious looking bolt/nut. UPDATE: I was looking at the pull up bar more closely, and it’s terrible. A lot of the welded plates are so warped, it’s ridiculous. I laid a straight edge on the plates/mounts, and there’s a huge gap. It shouldn’t be like this, no matter the price point. Warped metal is a sign of a very bad weld. Too much heat, bad welds, and just plain wrong. I’ve uploaded photos of the warps as well. Read more

  5. Gone

    Received the product on time, had it mounted the same day. Did 4 sets of wide-grip pull-ups, 8,5,5,5 respectively. I’m 6′ tall, weigh 180 Lbs., and will be 65 years old in two months. My goal = a single set of 20 dead-drop reps within a year. Did 17 at the base gym about 6 months ago, but have reduced gym workouts so much, that 12-reps is a struggle. Having my own bar should help a great deal. Contrary to many reviews, the included hardware worked fine and appears more than adequate. The lag bolts torqued up fine with pre-drilled holes, mounted through 1/2″ sheet rock into 16″ on-center wall studs in the garage. I used all 6 of the lag bolts supplied, testing with two, then four, and finally felt 6 was necessary for stability/safety. The single-piece, wide-grip/tight-grip bar, that mounts parallel to the wall is a much appreciated improvement over the others that previously/currently use a two-piece bar requiring two extra bolts. The diameter of the grips are comfortable, not too narrow nor wide to get a good hold of. The soft, black, foam padding on all grip areas is suitably thick resulting in a comfortable grip, and was not damaged in shipping. The fit and finish of all metal pieces is excellent, mirror black, smooth, no burrs or scratches. Why only four stars? The cross bar, for wide gripping, tends to twist, move, a little with a rigorous pull up. As another review pointed out, the bar itself is round, with a concave surface where the connection bolts go through it, and through the square bars it mounts to. This creates a very small contact point between the two bars, resulting in a slight wiggle on a quick pull-up. The two bolts joining those bars are as tight as I dare make them without possibly stripping the nuts, shearing the bolts, or warping the bars. Other than that the unit is solid, sturdy, and well worth the slightly less than thirty dollars it cost me. The included closed-end wrench for bolt/nut connectors is adequate for assembly if that’s all you have, but it’s quite thin and thus slips a lot if not carefully handled. I don’t recommend using it to tighten the lag bolts at all, would be very difficult even with pre-drilled holes if not impossible. One washer, out of six, was missing but everything else was there. Compared to all the other brand options I researched over the past year, this unit was the best bang-for-buck I could find. Read more

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